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    • C.B.T.E. Certification Program in Mathematics 7-12 Provisional 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1976-11-08)
      Describes the process to receive a provisional competency based teacher education certification in Mathematics, 7-12.
    • C.B.T.E. Program in Mathematics, 7-12 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1976-05-10)
      Proposal for a Competency Based Teacher Education Certification Program in Mathematics, 7-12. Accepted by President Albert W. Brown - Effective 6/30/76
    • M.S. in Education - Elementary Mathematics Education Program 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1970-12-14)
      Approved the Master of Science in Education - Elementary Mathematics Education Program.
    • Master's Program in Mathematics 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1969-03-10)
      Motion made and carried that the Senate approve the M.A. in Mathematics with the condition that the department's request for new staff is satisfied and additional library holdings request is granted. Full proposal attached, ...