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    • Academic Planning Seminar, A Proposal from the General Education Committee 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1983-04-18)
    • Amendment and addition to General Education Program 

      Executive Committee (1979-04-09)
      The Task Force of 1976-77 found Brockport's present Liberal Arts Core Requirement "seriously deficient" as a means of achieving the goals of the undergraduate general education program. In order to remedy this deficiency, ...
    • Changes in Core Requirements 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1974-02-04)
      Undergraduate Academic Program Committee recommends the following changes in core requirements: a) requires the completion of two courses in Communication Arts; b) all students must complete a core of nine liberal arts ...
    • Computer Literacy Program Implementation 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1983-01-31)
      Describes ten objectives which all students must meet to be considered computer literate and the ways in which students may fulfill these requirements.
    • General Education Program Administration 

      Executive Committee (1979-02-26)
      Explains the need for a college-wide faculty body to oversee and coordinate the general education programs, and defines the makeup of the committee.
    • General Education Program Coordinating Committee 

      Executive Committee (1979-03-19)
      The following individual were approved as members of the General Education Coordinating Committee: From the Arts - Ambrose Corcoran, Ira Schwarz; from the Humanities - Lisa Ede, Billy Reed; from the Natural Sciences and ...
    • Open Hearing on Cognitive Skills Component of the General Education Program 

      Executive Committee (1979-12-03)
      Moved and passed to have the General Education Coordinating committee provide open hearings on the Cognitive Skills component of the General Education Program and that the date, time, and location of such hearing(s) be publicized.
    • Recommendations on General Education Task Force Proposal 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1978-05-15)
      Urges that the General Education Task Force document be distributed to the faculty at large, in light of the impact that a new general education curriculum will have on the entire college community. Since the proposal will ...
    • Resolution on Quality of Residence Hall Environment 

      Student Policies (1980-01-28)
      The Faculty Senate recognizes that the dormitory environment has a direct effect on academic life and therefore, supports the establishment of an Advisory Committee on the Quality of Residence Hall Environment to address ...
    • Revision of music major 

      Executive Committee (1980-01-28)
      An extensive proposal from the Music Department recommending several revisions in the Music Major. These include: an increase in the minimum requirement from 30 to 36 semester hours; definition of 18 semester hours of the ...