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    • Academic Calendar 1968-69 

      Executive Committee (1967-12-11)
      Faculty Senate resolution concerning Academic Calendar for 1968-69 academic year.
    • Academic Calendar, 1970-1971 

      Executive Committee (1970-02-23)
      The 1970-1971 Academic Calendar was approved with amendment to remove the words "Reading Period" throughout.
    • Airport Transportation for Campus guests 

      Executive Committee (1969-05-26)
      A member of the service staff should be designated to drive a faculty member or official guest to or from the Monroe County Airport.
    • Animals on Campus 

      Executive Committee (1975-03-24)
      Be It resolved that the State University College at Brockport prohibit from its classrooms and library, all pets, other than seeing eye dogs or those used for research or Instructional purposes. Pets on other areas of the ...
    • Appropriate Teaching Locations 

      Executive Committee (1988-05-09)
    • Art Department Major 

      Executive Committee (1967-12-11)
      Senate Consideration and Affirmative Action taken on the Recommendation of the Academic Policies Committee to approve the Art Department Major Program Proposal as presented in the document on file in the Library. The motion ...
    • Campus Parking - towing away of vehicles 

      Executive Committee (1972-02-21)
      Let the Faculty Senate go on record as opposing the present campus security force practice of towing away illegally parked student and faculty vehicles even when State University College vehicles are not safety hazards or ...
    • Campus Recreation Program 

      Executive Committee (1976-02-06)
      Approves the charging of fees for the Campus Recreation Program, provided that Faculty Senate be consulted about the exact fees to be charged to faculty, all fees be applied directly to the support of the Open Recreation ...
    • Changes in Parking Program 

      Executive Committee (1969-04-21)
    • Communication Policy and Principles 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1993-04-05)
    • Development of a Conference Center 

      Executive Committee (1988-05-09)
    • Efforts to Increase Number of Black Administrators 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1970-02-23)
      Faculty Senate goes on record to urge the Administration to continue and expand the efforts to increase the number of black administrators in all areas.
    • Endorsement of Bid for International Special Olympics 1979 

      Executive Committee (1976-12-20)
      The Faculty Senate endorses the College's efforts to secure the International Special Olympics of 1979.
    • Faculty Assessment of Senior Administrators 

      Faculty and Professional Staff Policies (2013-04-22)
      Resolution associated with the Faculty and Professional Staff Policies Committee Faculty Assessment of Senior Administrators Report. Accepted - Implementation Effective Date: Immediate
    • Federally Chartered Credit Union on Campus 

      Executive Committee (1971-09-27)
      Faculty Senate of the State University College at Brockport goes on record as approving in principle the establishment of a federally chartered credit union on this campus as soon as conveniently possible.
    • Flags on the Mall 

      Executive Committee (1970-01-26)
      The Faculty Senate endorses the resolution concerning the flags on the Mall as passed by the Brockport Student Government. (United States, New York State, and United Nations).
    • Fund Raising, Contribution and Acceptance Policy 

      Faculty and Professional Staff Policies (1990-10-29)
    • Funds for Wari Katarra Afro-American Cultural Center 

      Executive Committee (1970-05-04)
      Motion that the Faculty Senate support any individual senator's committee of one to solicit funds from faculty members for rebuilding, reconstructing, or replacing the Wari Katarra Afro-American Cultural Center.
    • Integrated Construction Work Force 

      Executive Committee (1969-04-23)
      Endorsement of a resolution for an integrated construction work force in the SUNY Senate, initiated by SUNY Buffalo.