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    • The Senior Seminar 

      Unknown author (1967-04-17)
      Resolution to reduce the Senior Seminar requirement from 6 semester hours to 3 semester hours.
    • Revised Policy on Emeritus Rank 

      Unknown author (1967-05-16)
      Revised Policy on Emeritus Rank.
    • Consortium Resolution Pertaining to Transferability of Courses, Credits, Grades and Honor Points 

      Unknown author (1967-05-16)
      Consortium Resolution Pertaining to Transferability of Courses, Credits, Grades and Honor Points.
    • Salary Information Disclosure 

      Unknown author (1967-10-23)
      Salary Information Disclosure-Guidelines. The base annual salary will be available to members of the Faculty who request it. Normally, distribution will be to all units & persons who require such information for the carrying ...
    • Establishment of Dean's Semester List 

      Unknown author (1967-10-23)
      The Faculty Senate upon the advice of its Standing Committee on Student Policies recommends the establishment of a Dean's Semester List based upon a 3.25 average during the preceeding semester, in addition to the Dean's ...
    • Re-admission of Students 

      Unknown author (1967-10-23)
      Students who are dropped from Brockport for academic reasons will be re-admitted on the same basis as transfer students.
    • Associates of Arts Transfer Credit 

      Unknown author (1967-11-13)
      Students from regionally accredited Junior colleges who graduate with A.A. degrees be granted full credit (60 hours) when they are accepted.
    • Art Department Major 

      Unknown author (1967-12-11)
      Senate Consideration and Affirmative Action taken on the Recommendation of the Academic Policies Committee to approve the Art Department Major Program Proposal as presented in the document on file in the Library. The motion ...
    • Release time for Chairman-Elect and Chairman of Senate 

      Unknown author (1967-12-11)
      Faculty Senate recommendation concerning released time for Chairman-Elect and Chairman of the Senate.
    • Academic Calendar 1968-69 

      Unknown author (1967-12-11)
      Faculty Senate resolution concerning Academic Calendar for 1968-69 academic year.
    • Dining Halls Names 

      Unknown author (1968-01-12)
      Senate approves the names of new Dining Hall buildings as follows: formerly XR is named for Heil Brockway, formerly Stage 7 is named for Vincent Dailey, formerly High Rise Dining Hall is named for Henry Harrison
    • Removal of Senior Seminar as Requirement 

      Unknown author (1968-02-12)
      Senior Seminar is removed from the General Curriculum as a requirement for graduation in the liberal arts curricula.
    • Nursing Degree Program 

      Unknown author (1968-02-12)
      The Faculty Senate on recommendation of its Academic Policies Committee approves the proposal for a program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Nursing Education. It recommends that the proposal be forwarded for action ...
    • Campus School Building Name 

      Unknown author (1968-02-12)
      The Senate approves the name of Charles D. Cooper for the new Campus School Building.
    • Revision of College Publications Board 

      Unknown author (1968-02-12)
      Senate approval of the November 1, 1967 statement "A Recommendation to the Faculty Senate of the College Publications Board Established August 31, 1966."
    • BS Degree in Liberal Studies 

      Unknown author (1968-02-19)
      The Faculty Senate on recommendation of its Academic Policies Committee approve the concept of a baccalaureate degree in liberal studies through continuing education. The Senate recommends that after approval of the concept ...
    • Confidential Nature of Students Records 

      Unknown author (1968-02-19)
      The Faculty Senate has approved the document Confidential Nature of Student Records and recommends it as institutional policy.
    • Pass / Fail Option 

      Unknown author (1968-03-18)
      Senate approval of recommendation by the Academic Policies Committee concerning a "Pass-Fail" option for course completion.
    • Hiring of Professional Library Consultant 

      Unknown author (1968-03-18)
      It is moved that the Senate give immediate strong support to Dr. Clayton's request for the hiring of a professional library consultant to assist in planning the forthcoming addition to the library.
    • PE, Recreation and Athletic Requirements 

      Unknown author (1968-03-18)
      Senate action to approve the Academic Policies Committee recommendation on P.E., Recreation, and Athletic requirements. Includes four page document with Rationale, Requirements and Plans for Implementation.