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    • Student Academic Dishonesty 

      Student Policies (2010-04-19)
      The Policy has been changed to clarify and simplify reporting dates and processes and add a brief section on the use of
    • Student Attendance Policy 

      Student Policies (1981-05-11)
      Spells out the student attendance policy and its implementation to be placed in the Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, and Undergraduate Academic Handbook.
    • Student Bill of Rights 

      Academic Policies (1968-05-20)
      The Faculty Senate approves the statement, Student Bill of Rights, as amended in the attached revision of the document.
    • Student Conduct Code Revision 

      Student Policies (1985-04-15)
    • Student Conduct Regulations 

      Executive Committee (1977-12-19)
      Defines the purpose, authority and jurisdiction surrounding Student Conduct Regulations, provides the structure of judicial procedures at Brockport, how major violations of the Student Conduct code will be dealt with, and ...
    • Student Course and Teacher Evaluation 

      Executive Committee (1972-02-07)
      Motion that the Faculty Senate should endorse the concept of the use of student evaluation and encourages faculty members to make class time available to cooperate with the evaluation administered and prepared by Student ...
    • Student Course and Teacher Evaluation (SCATE) 

      Executive Committee (1973-03-26)
      The Faculty Senate of State University College at Brockport endorses the Student Course and Teacher Evaluation (SCATE) for use in all courses and sections of courses taught at State University College at Brockport, with ...
    • Student Engagement 

      Executive Committee (2012-04-16)
      The resolution presents a definition of Student Engagement at The College at Brockport requests Senate Support of the Task force Report on Student Engagement
    • Student Grade Appeals 

      Student Policies (2004-04-05)
    • Student Grade Appeals 

      Executive Committee (1978-05-15)
      Provides procedure for a student to appeal an assigned grade which begins with meeting with the instructor, and proceeds to the head of the primary academic unit in which the course was offered, and may go as far as a panel ...
    • Student Involvement in Academic Governance 

      Student Policies (1978-12-11)
      The Student Policies Committee has been asked to determine if a new policy on student involvement in academic governance needs to be written, and moves the need for the policy to the floor for discussion and direction, and ...
    • Student Involvement in Governance of Academic Departments 

      Executive Committee (1969-09-15)
      To implement the University's commitment to student involvement in the policy-making structure of the college by meaningful participation in academic departmental governance.
    • Student Paraprofessional Training and Certifying Program 

      Student Policies (1977-11-21)
      Defines the roles students play in which they provides services, instruction, or leadership to their peers and the rationale for needing a training program. Further explains the organization and implementation of such a program.
    • Student Recruitment 

      Executive Committee (1988-05-09)
    • Student Relationship Violence 

      Executive Committee (1985-11-04)
    • Studies in Social Science - Paris, France 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1974-02-18)
      A ten week undergraduate propgram with emphasis placed on the social sciences. The first five weeks will be almost entirely devoted to an intensive study of French. During the next six weeks the student will concentrate ...
    • Studio Art Major 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1968-05-09)
      Subsequent action on Studio Art major. See Senate recommendation dated 3/20/1968.
    • Stylus Representative to be admitted to Faculty Senate meetings 

      Executive Committee (1970-02-12)
      A representative from the Stylus is to be admitted to the Faculty Senate meeting.
    • Sub-Committee on the "Core" 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1969-10-20)
      Lists the members of new sub-committee on the core curriculum for undergraduates, under the standing Faculty Senate Committee for Undergraduate Academic Policies.