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    • Office Signs 

      Unknown author (1995-12-05)
      Office Signs: Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate refer the issue of office signs to the president for final administrative decision
    • Official Use of State Cars 

      Unknown author (1970-02-23)
      The Committee on Faculty Environment, after consultation with the agencies concerned, shall formulate a policy recommendation concerning official use of New York State cars at the earliest possible time.
    • Online Instructional Design MS and Certificate 

      Unknown author (2018-05-04)
      The College at Brockport proposes a 30 hour online Masters of Science program and a 12 hour Certificate program in Instructional Design. The purpose of these programs are to prepare professionals to develop, design, ...
    • Online Option for RN to BSN Completion Program 

      Unknown author (2015-03-23)
      The Bachelor of Science degree is the preferred degree for registered nurses by most health care institutions when compared to the associate degree nurse preparation, as studies show much better patient outcomes when ...
    • Open Access Policy for Journal Articles 

      Unknown author (2018-04-18)
      Encourages Faculty to make available an electronic copy of their final verison of scholarly articles to Drake Memorial Library's Digital Commons for dissemination and archival purposes.
    • Open Access Policy for Journal Articles (2 Year Review) 

      Unknown author (2020-05-01)
      Encourages faculty to make available an electronic copy of their final version of scholarly articles to Drake Memorial Library's Digital Commons for dissemination and archival purposes. Aligns with SUNY Board of Trustees ...
    • Open Hearing on Cognitive Skills Component of the General Education Program 

      Unknown author (1979-12-03)
      Moved and passed to have the General Education Coordinating committee provide open hearings on the Cognitive Skills component of the General Education Program and that the date, time, and location of such hearing(s) be publicized.
    • Oral Communications Requirement and Women's Perspectives 

      Unknown author (2008-04-21)
      Resolution to satisfy Oral Communication outcomes for General Education through any lower and upper division courses which can demonstrate that the Oral Communication learning outcomes are being satisfied and assessed.
    • Overseas Academic Program in English - Studies in British Literature 

      Unknown author (1978-10-23)
      No additional information
    • Paper Recycling Program on Campus 

      Unknown author (1989-05-17)
    • Parking Regulations 

      Unknown author (1992-02-17)
    • Part-time Students 

      Unknown author (1969-12-15)
      Resolution that students admitted to the college with the approval of the Admissions Committee may register for less than 12 credit hours.
    • Pass / Fail Grade 

      Unknown author (1973-01-22)
      Revises current policy stated on p. 47 Academic Information Guide, 1972-1973. Items 1-5, 7, & 8 remain the same. Item 6 allow a student to add a course on a pass/fail basis or change a course in which he is registered to ...
    • Pass / Fail Graduate Grades 

      Unknown author (1970-03-09)
      Pass/Fail grades may be used in specific courses at the 500 and 600 level with departmental approval effective September 1, 1970.
    • Pass / Fail Option 

      Unknown author (1968-03-18)
      Senate approval of recommendation by the Academic Policies Committee concerning a "Pass-Fail" option for course completion.
    • "Pass" Grade Equivalency- amendment to Resolution #33, 1977-78 

      Unknown author (1978-11-06)
      Adds the following wording to current policy: A limited number of Pass/Fail grades, not to exceed nine (9) hours, may be used in specific courses at the 500 or 600 level with departmental approval. Additional hours on a ...
    • PE, Recreation and Athletic Requirements 

      Unknown author (1968-03-18)
      Senate action to approve the Academic Policies Committee recommendation on P.E., Recreation, and Athletic requirements. Includes four page document with Rationale, Requirements and Plans for Implementation.
    • Pep Band Ensemble 

      Unknown author (2019-04-22)
      Pep bands bring another layer of excitement and fun to any event. They also bring students together and serve as another format for expression, friendship, and relationship building.