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    • "J" Course Proposal 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1993-05-03)
    • Joint College Senate and Brockport Student Government Anti-Racism Resolution 

      Executive Committee (2015-03-30)
      In light of disturbing instances of racism at the College at Brockport, the campus is uniting behind an Anti-Racism Resolution that allows us to affirm our determination to be an inclusive, diverse, safe and affirmative ...
    • Journalism and Broadcasting Major - minor restructuring 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2010-11-15)
      Rearrange some of the course offerings in the Journalism and Broadcasting Major • Move CMC 324 Advanced Media Writing from a requirement in the Electronic/Print Journalism Concentration to the Core • Change core requirement ...
    • Journalism and Broadcasting Merger 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2008-11-24)
      Combine the Broadcasting concentration with the Journalism Major to create a major that recognizes the convergence that is occurring in these fields. • Create a core that includes basic and advanced production courses, ...
    • Kinesiology Major Changes 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2020-05-01)
      Require PES 413 - Motor Development in the Kinesiology Major and make PES 413 a pre-requisite to PES 439 - Motor Learning. Re-register/re-name PES 479 Research in Kinesiology to PEP Applied Research in Kinesiology and ...
    • Kinesiology Minor 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2019-04-22)
      This proposal seeks to add a minor in kinesiology within the Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE).
    • Kinesiology Minor Changes 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2021-03-01)
      <ol> <li>Replace "PES 326 Kinetics of Sports and Exercise" with "PES 325 Kinesiological Bases for Exercise and Sport as one of the possible REQUIRED courses to take because PES 326 is no longer being offered.</li> <li>Add ...
    • KSSPE Proposal to offer a choice of PES605 of PES 606 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (2013-04-22)
      Students will be allowed a choice of PES 605 (Quantitative) or PES 606 (Qualitative) instead of taking two courses in data analysis. Accepted - Implementation Effective Date: Summer 2013
    • Late Changes in College Calendar 

      Executive Committee (1977-10-10)
      Advanced planning is important to the effective use of class time, college calendars are constructed and published well in advance, and the Board of Trustees ordered the suspension of classes on September 13, 14, and 22, ...
    • Leadership Statement of Dissent 

      Executive Committee (1970-03-23)
      The Faculty Senate, the elected leaders of the Brockport Student Government, and the leaders of the Black Student Liberation Front cannot and will not condone or support violence or destruction or defacing of any kind, on ...
    • Leave of Absence / Readmission Policies 

      Executive Committee (1999-05-03)
      Matriculated student polices for leave of absence, Degree in Absentia, and readmission in the college
    • Leave of Absence for undergraduate Students 

      Student Policies (1986-05-05)
    • Letter to Legislature for Supplementary Budget Increase 

      Executive Committee (1975-04-14)
      Inasmuch as the Legislature has reduced the SUNY budget below that requested by State University and the Governor's budget, Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate strongly urges all individual Faculty members to write ...
    • Liberal Arts Core Revision 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1969-12-15)
      Resolution that the Core Revision as presented be approved, and made effective for entering Freshmen in September 1970 and for any students to whom it may be beneficial.
    • Liberal Arts Curriculum in Health Science 

      General Education Curriculum and Policies (1994-04-25)
    • Library Policy on Storage 

      Executive Committee (1968-04-22)
      Senate approval of the recommendations of the Library Council relating to: Library Policy Governing Storage and Circulation of Journals and Special Materials.
    • Long-Term Care (LTC) Minor 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2022)
      This minor is designed to prepare students who plan to work in LTC (long-term care) facilities such as nursing homes and to prepare them for the Nursing Home Administrator Licensure program in New York State. The minor ...
    • M.A. in Anthropology 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1971-02-01)
      Resolved, that the Faculty Senate approves the proposed Master of Arts program in Anthropology.
    • M.A. in Dance 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1970-03-23)
      Comprehensive proposal detailing the requirements for an academic major in Dance leading to the degree of Master of Arts.
    • M.A. in French 

      Graduate Curriculum and Policies (1971-02-01)
      Resolved, that the Faculty Senate approves the proposed Master of Arts program in French.