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    • Dance Department Undergraduate Curriculum Changes 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2010-04-19)
      Addition of two new courses, each replacing a previous}_ req1 ·red course ii-1 both the BA/ BS and BFA degree requirements_
    • Dean's Honors List 

      Executive Committee (1988-03-28)
    • Declaring Matriculation or Not Pursuing a Degree 

      Student Policies (1989-02-06)
    • Deferral of College Senate Resolution #10 04-05 EP/UC HLS Enrollment Cap 

      Executive Committee (2005-09-19)
      The Senate Executive Committee recommends the establishment of a joint committee to investigate and provide guidance on the issue of enrollment caps, and that this committee will provide a report to the Executive Committee ...
    • Definition of Research 

      Executive Committee (1978-03-06)
      Research in any area shall be defined as activity which is intended to advance the knowledge, techniques, or resources within that area. An important aspect of this definition is: Research should have as its goal a ...
    • Delays in Implementation of General Education 

      Executive Committee (2001-04-30)
    • Delta College Credit Adjustment 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2005-11-14)
      Adjusts DCC 345 from 2 credit course to 3 credit Adjusts DCC 355 from 3 credit course to 2 credit Necessary to accommodate Trustee direction for additional American History content in DCC 345.
    • Delta College Curriculum Revision Proposal 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2019-03-28)
      Delta College wants to reconfigure its curriculum by adding a new course (DCC 340: Narrative Writing), no longer requiring a course (DCC 400: Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar), and renumbering/renaming 4 other courses. ...
    • Delta College Foreign Language Requirement 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2009-02-16)
      Reduce Delta College’s Foreign Language Requirement from 4 semesters to 3 semesters.
    • Delta College Foreign Language Requirement Reduction 

      General Education Curriculum and Policies (2013-05-06)
      The Delta College faculty proposes to reduce our Foreign Language requirement from essentially three semesters to credit for Foreign Language 111 for our students seeking a Bachelor of Science degree. Accepted - Implementation ...
    • Delta College Professional Development Coursework Proposal 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2017-05-15)
      Delta College would like to reconfigure its Professional Development Seminar Coursework Sequence to make it possible for students to complete the academic part of the program within four semesters, instead of the current ...
    • "Department of Chemistry" proposes a name change to "Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry." 

      Executive Committee (2012-02-27)
      Proposal to change the name of the “Department of Chemistry” to “Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.” The Department now offers majors in both Chemistry and Biochemistry. This name change will help to publicize and ...
    • Department of Dance major revision 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1971-02-15)
      Resolved, that the Faculty Senate endorse the Department of Dance major revision changing the minimum number of required hours from 30 to 36 credit hours. This is to allow the Department of Dance to bring their major in ...
    • Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education- Physical Education Teacher Education Program Changes 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2012-02-27)
      The Physical education Teacher Education (PETE) major proposes to eliminate the category of ‘advanced performance’ classes (PES 3XX) from the required core of courses for the PETE major; however, advanced performance classes ...
    • Department of Political Science Legal Semester 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1971-02-15)
      Resolved, that the Faculty Senate endorse the Department of Political Science legal semester, with the provision that the legal and logistical requirements be approved by the president.
    • Department of Theatre Revised Curriculum Proposal 1994 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1994-04-25)
    • Departmental Course / Section Descriptions 

      Executive Committee (1973-02-19)
      Each department will publish or cause to be published a description of the courses/sections of courses which it plans to offer the following semester, to be made available to students before the pre-registration period for ...
    • Departmental Honors 

      Executive Committee (1969-05-19)
      Departmental honors may be granted to students having a grade point average of 3.00 or better in their major field and satisfactory completion of a departmental honors program.
    • Departmental Periodic Program Review 

      Executive Committee (2001-04-02)
    • Departmental Salary Inequities Committee 

      Executive Committee (1969-10-20)
      Calls for Departmental Salary Inequities committee to be established starting in the 1969-1970 academic year. Puts the responsibility for this under the Appointments and Promotion committee, if it currently exists. Where ...