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dc.contributor.authorNissly, Elizabeth J.
dc.contributor.authorBuckner, Warren Micah
dc.description.abstractThis presentation will address the availability of Open Journal Systems as a means for creating a graduate studies journal in order to encourage communication across academic specializations. Using Western Carolina University’s graduate studies research journal, Imprint, as a prototype, presenters will provide an opportunity to see, in the form of a poster presentation, the various stages of creation and development that go into establishing an open-access journal. Imprint provides a space for contributors to increase research and professional development skills and to practice publishing in a peer-reviewed journal. Each issue of the journal is structured around a different theme, opening up the possibility of submissions from a wide variety of disciplines. Disseminating the experiential knowledge gained during the creation of Imprint will benefit anyone interested in scholarly communication who seeks to encourage an increased exchange of ideas at their own institutions. Presenting this journal’s ongoing construction will provide a profitable experience for those interested in establishing an open-access journal of their own but who may not be familiar with the details and planning necessary for a smooth development of the project. During the presentation, processes such as developing a mission statement, obtaining copyright, outlining review processes, selecting an editorial review board, securing domain space, researching potential sources for funding, and navigating technological establishment of the journal will be covered. The goal of this presentation is to illustrate a highly successful, innovative approach to addressing communication issues within academia and to strengthen future partnerships with other scholars writing within electronic environments.
dc.titleImprint-ing Design: Creating and Maintaining an Open-Access Journal
dc.contributor.organizationWestern Carolina University
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitlePromoting Scholarly Communication through Open Access Journals

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