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dc.contributor.authorWells, Danielle
dc.descriptionFood & Health panel
dc.description.abstractThis presentation identifies individual’s opinions regarding the consumption of G.M.Os. Currently in the United States there is no mandate on labeling genetic modified organisms or their byproducts. The purpose of this study is to determine Youngstown State University basic emotions, general (IQ) intelligence and procedural (PIQ) intelligence of the acceptability of G.M.Os. This study is non-experimental in descriptive design, which used quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data through an online surveys and personal interviews .The sampling population comprised of 213 persons classified as either faculty, staff, students or affiliates through online surveys and personal interviews of males (N= 34.84%) and females (N= 65.16%). Only 169 persons completed the survey with a 33.66% incomplete response rate. There is a positive regression analysis correlation between education level and understanding of procedural intelligence. The conclusion of the study is as follows: a) acceptability of genetically modified organisms shouldn’t be considered as a single group but each as separately. There is a negative connotation for animal uses of GM than for plants; b) Among responses involving ten basic emotions (fear, anger, joy disgust, sadness, shame, contempt, guilt, surprise and interest) fear and disgust are significantly correlated with the rejection of GMOs.
dc.titleShould We Know? A Populace Perspective on Consuming Non-Labeled Genetically Modified Organisms
dc.contributor.organizationYoungstown State University
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleMaster's Level Graduate Research Conference

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