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dc.contributor.authorHahn, Vanessa K.
dc.description.abstractAbstract This purpose of this paper is to analyze how social isolation in nursing homes affects the overall wellbeing of residents. Those at-risk of social isolation are more likely to have associated physical and mental health impairments resulting in poor quality of life and more medical interventions. This paper will discuss the importance for all nursing home professionals to intervene with residents who have signs or symptoms of social isolation to create interaction and engagement. Encouraging residents to participate in activities along with adjusting the activities offered to fit the particular abilities and interests of an individual is critical for quality of life in older adults. Recommendations include individualizing activities and opportunities for interaction and generating specific policies regarding nursing home activities that respect individuals’ right to choose.
dc.titleLiving in an long-term care environment: A deeper look into social isolation in long term care residents
dc.contributor.organizationGreater Rochester Collaborative Master of Social Work Program
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleMaster's Level Graduate Research Conference

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