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dc.contributor.authorKreskow, Kelly
dc.descriptionEducation Poster Session 1
dc.description.abstractThis presentation identifies the main causes of overrepresentation of minorities in special education. Factors that contribute to overrepresentation include poverty, test bias, poor general education classroom instruction, and insufficient professional development for working with diverse students. The goal of this study is to determine if cultural barriers between teachers and students are the main cause for overrepresentation. If a teacher does not understand the various cultures of the students that they are teaching, miscommunications and misinterpretations will occur which will lead to the labeling of students who do not actually have a disability. Surveys will be filled out by teachers and students to determine if they believe their classroom and school is culturally responsive.
dc.titleOverrepresentation of Minorities in Special Education
dc.contributor.organizationSt. John Fisher College
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleMaster's Level Graduate Research Conference

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