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dc.contributor.authorBettina, Laura
dc.descriptionEducation Poster Session 1
dc.description.abstractThis poster describes how interdisciplinary literacy experiences using technology support universal design. The participants in the study involve elementary students at Alfred Almond Central School and Alfred University undergraduate educators. Through engaging in the enrichment “YODA” program at Alfred Almond Central School district, each student develops an intrinsic motivation for excellence and individual responsibility in an atmosphere conducive to exploration and discovery. The study involves interdisciplinary literacy experiences through science and visual art (Science/Inventions/Discovery; including famous scientists, famous inventors and inventions, experiments in basic forces, kitchen chemistry, simple machines, detective science, and the creation of inventions inspired by Rube Goldberg). Each student develops competencies in areas of study beyond those prescribed in the regular classroom, especially in the areas of divergent, abstract, and evaluative thinking. The poster documents observable data from each science and art based lesson to see what literacy strategies are evident throughout instruction. At the completion of each project, the students are surveyed. The survey asks how each student feels they learn best visually, auditory, kinesthetic, or written, and if they enjoyed the project and why. This not only provides the program with meaningful feedback to optimize student's learning experiences, but also helps their instructors learn the appropriate instructional strategies to implement for each group. This presentation identifies how instructors can use multimodal literacies to enhance student learning and how multiple instructional strategies are integral to educational success for all learners and disciplines.
dc.titleInterdisciplinary Literacy Experiences Using Technology Support Universal Design
dc.contributor.organizationAlfred University
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleMaster's Level Graduate Research Conference

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