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dc.contributor.authorFabre, Helem
dc.descriptionPresenter: Helem Fabre ’14, a recent graduate of dance and interdisciplinary arts at The College at Brockport, is from Binghamton, NY. While at Brockport, Ms. Fabre was president of the Sexual Orientations United for Liberation (SOUL) and the Women and Gender Studies Organizations from 2013 to 2014, she also worked as an assistant in the Women’s Center. During her undergraduate career she was awarded the Colleen Donaldson Women and Gender Studies Student Leadership award, Student Organization Officer of the Year award, and the Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities. She prides herself to advocate for the integration of arts in classrooms, LGBTQA community, and issues concerning women.
dc.description.abstractRecently, the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards, internationally-benchmarked and evidence-based standards, have been added to state curriculum. After looking at the selected books suggested for literature in the Common Core list of suggested books of stories, drama, and poetry, one wonders how students in urban settings could make educative connections. This session will look at the effect of the lack of African-American authors of children’s literature provided in “the Common Core Learning Standards in New York State” which are to expose students to, and help them to understand, different cultural perspectives. How can these children, especially the African American ones, make connections to the literature when they cannot relate to the characters and their cultural perspectives about the world in which they live?
dc.titleUnderrepresentation of African-American Literature, Specifically Looking at the New York State Common Core
dc.contributor.organizationUniversity at Buffalo
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleBrockport’s Annual Diversity Conference

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