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dc.contributor.authorBenz, Robert J.
dc.contributor.authorMorris, Kenneth B.
dc.descriptionRobert J. Benz, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives Robert J. Benz is responsible for policy, programming, and strategic development at Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives (FDFI), a public charity that endeavors to create a modern Abolitionist Movement in schools all over the country through the vehicle of Service-Learning curricula called History, Human Rights and the Power of One. He created and led the development of FDFI’s core philosophy behind its prevention-education approach to human trafficking, which has included projects such as “Frederick Douglass Dialogues,” “Abolition Day,” and “100 Days To Freedom.” He was a founding partner in the ( PROTECT human trafficking training and education program in the state of California. Kenneth B. Morris, Jr., Co-Founder & President, Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives Kenneth B. Morris, Jr. descended from two of the most important names in American history: He is the great-great-great-grandson of Frederick Douglass and the great-great-grandson of Booker T. Washington. With a corporate career behind him, he is now the president of FDFI. His career and life path have been driven by a mission to end human trafficking and all forms of servitude with a clear focus on his organization’s mission, “To Advance Freedom through Knowledge and Strategic Action.” In 2012, Ken received the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of La Verne.
dc.description.abstractThis talk highlights the history and legacy of the antebellum-era antislavery fight as well as the current fight against human trafficking and is part of a Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives to honor Frederick Douglass’s 200th birthday, .
dc.titleSynnestvedt Lecture: “One Million Abolitionists”
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleBrockport’s Annual Diversity Conference

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