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dc.contributor.authorOrzel, Virginia
dc.descriptionVirginia Orzel, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, The College at Brockport Virginia Orzel, associate professor, worked in industry for 12 years before getting into education and has made over 20 educational documentary films. She has received numerous awards for her work both in industry and academics, including: eight New York State Broadcasters Awards, and Emmy nomination, and two Telly’s. Ms. Orzel’s last long form documentary on asthma was picked up by Films Media Group, which is the largest film distributor in North America ? distributing for ESPN, ABC Good Morning America, and Bill Meyers.
dc.description.abstractThe film, Dyslexia: A Beautiful Brain, is 52 minutes long. The purpose of the film to is to help the audience understand what a dyslexic goes through. It also will enlighten the dyslexic as to why they experience what they do when they read, write, and hear the English language. This film is from the dyslexic viewpoint. There has never been a film like this produced to date. I made this film because I grew tired of hearing professors from higher education declare students to be unfit to tend college because of their difficulty in writing and reading. The truth is dyslexics are above average in intelligence and just because they think and process information differently, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn. Everyone deserves and is entitled to be educated. As educators we should ask why is the student struggling not that they are stupid. This film will show the audience how language is processed in the brain of a dyslexia and how students cope and overcome the learning difficulty. Why do dyslexics skip words or substitute words when they are reading. GOAL/OUTCOME #1 To show the audience how dyslexics see the printed page GOAL/OUTCOME #2 What are the challenges dyslexics have to overcome. GOAL/OUTCOME #3 What is actually happening in the brain of the dyslexic and how they can overcome their challenges.
dc.titleDyslexia: A Beautiful Brain (Film Screening)
dc.contributor.organizationThe College at Brockport
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleBrockport’s Annual Diversity Conference

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