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dc.contributor.authorJeffries, Tracey
dc.descriptionTracey Jeffries is the President and Owner of Capital Consulting Services a management consulting firm that offers strategic management and training programs to nonprofit and for profit institutions in the areas of small business, commercial and economic development. Capital Consulting Services was recognized in 2015 as top 50 fastest growing women businesses in the US Market. Tracey has mentored businesses generating growth in the community and assisted cities/municipalities in strategically identifying the value of a diversified community and provided best practices for cities to follow from economic inequality, municipal courts reform, childhood education, to healthy community living.
dc.description.abstractThis presentation reveals how social and cultural differences in society affects community growth looking at the underlying picture of how integration and diversity builds strong communities and what community programs organizations can use to increase diversity and bring a stronger economic value to their region for more better school districts, employment, and healthy lifestyles. We live in a world today where diversity and integration are used interchangeably; both words are powerful tools and can move racial and ethnic barriers when properly mixed together. When we look at integration, integration moves beyond the numbers in a community. While Diversity addresses cultural competencies and how to understand different groups but when integration and diversity are composed it fosters a sense of unity for better public schools, increased home value, and social capital. This workshop reveals the importance to understand how the two can correlate, impact communities and create a movement for an improved economy. Session Goals and Outcomes Higher Academic Performance Home Value Reduced Poverty Healthy Living Presenter Tracey Jeffries, President & Owner of Capital Consulting Services
dc.titleThe Compositions of Integration and Diversity
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleBrockport’s Annual Diversity Conference

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