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dc.contributor.authorBrooks, Arthur
dc.contributor.authorSheffield, Aubrey
dc.descriptionMr. Arthur Brooks, IV ’15 earned a bachelor of science in broadcast journalism from The College at Brockport. He is a native of the City of Rochester and a product of the Rochester City School District. His commitment to impacting the communication industry is evident through his participation in media clubs as an undergraduate student, as well as his completion of two independent study projects during consecutive summers. Mr. Brooks is interested in creating community-driven media content to enlighten viewers on public issues. Mr. Aubrey Sheffield is a coach/mentor with over 20 years of track & field coaching experience. He is a former Edison Tech High School (Rochester, NY) coach and record-holding runner. MR. Sheffield currently coaches at Penfield High School. He also is president and coach of Flower City Track Club, has coached many local, state & national champion athletes, and is an eight-time RCAC Coach of the Year.
dc.description.abstractThis session will explore the socioeconomic issues that affect Rochester, NY, ranked the fifth poorest in the country. The Rochester City School District has the lowest black male graduation rate in the country, the highest youth poverty rate, and the third highest concentration of extremely poor neighborhoods. Such circumstances create challenges for City School District students in pursuit of personal empowerment. The film Fatherless: A Symptom of Poverty and Mass Incarceration, produced by presenter Arthur Brooks, IV, will be featured during the presentation to illuminate the intersections of poverty, mass incarceration, low performing public schools, and fatherlessness. Attendees will reflect on the power of community involvement by writing short letters of thanks to community leaders from which they have received support.
dc.titleFatherless: A Symptom to Poverty and Mass Incarceration
dc.contributor.organizationThe College at Brockport
dc.description.institutionSUNY Brockport
dc.description.publicationtitleBrockport’s Annual Diversity Conference

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