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    • Astral Projections: A Polyfusion of Media 

      Gutstadt, Howard; Klein, Bonnie Sherr; Etra, Bill; Rockowitz, Sanford; Kite, Laddy (1975-01-01)
      The half-hour program features videotapes made during a multi-media event held in the domed Star Theatre of the Strasenburgh Planetarium. Edited together with these videotapes segments are documentary tapes about the event ...
    • Bonnie Meets Kodak or Softcore Sexism at the NCTA (1973) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr
      Bonnie Sherr Klein interviews a Kodak spokesperson at the National Cable Television Association conference. Klein asks questions about the use of women as sex symbols to sell products at the conference and why Kodak is ...
    • Cable Report (1973) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr; Rockowitz, Sanford (1973-01-01)
      [Original caption] If community television is to be meaningful, involvement by viewers must extend beyond passively watching a program. Cable Report is part of a cable education process. Using half-inch videotapes from the ...
    • Happy Birthday HOMEMADE TV (1973) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr; Rockowitz, Sanford; DiSisti, Judy (1973-01-01)
      [Original caption] A retrospective of the first year of programming on HOMEMADE TV, with an informal discussion of its relation to our television environment and a look at how it is created. First broadcast on WXXI-TV, ...
    • Portable Channel Meets Senior Citizens (1972) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr; Manes, Steve; Christoff, Dave (1972-11-01)
      [Original caption] Glimpses of old people as individuals rather than as social statistics. The program includes a 76-year-old woman baking strudel in her apartment, a birthday for the 98-year-olds, a conversation with ...
    • Sport and Sex: What About Women? (1973) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr; Portable Channel (1973-01-01)
      Produced by the Women’s Television Project of Portable Channel. A look at Women and girls participating in various sports, coupled with a lively discussion among school administrators, teachers, parents and students around ...
    • The Electronic Image (1974) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr; Portable Channel; Vasulka, Woody; Vasulka, Steina (1973-01-01)
      Distinguished video artists Steina and Woody Vasulka demonstrate techniques of video image generation and participate in an electronic jam session.
    • Women on Women (1973) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr (1973-01-01)
      The first program of Portable Channel’s Women’s Television Project, whose members came together to make videotapes expressing positive, alternative images of women. This program includes a talk with a woman newspaper ...