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    • Sport and Sex: What About Women? (1973) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr; Portable Channel (1973-01-01)
      Produced by the Women’s Television Project of Portable Channel. A look at Women and girls participating in various sports, coupled with a lively discussion among school administrators, teachers, parents and students around ...
    • Students Use Portapak to Videotape Parade 

      Gale, Larry (1973-01-01)
      Production still from the Homemade TV episode Free To Be that presents a look at the Atkinson school, an alternative school in Rochester. To view image full screen click on the button on the far right in the navigation bar ...
    • The Electronic Image (1974) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr; Portable Channel; Vasulka, Woody; Vasulka, Steina (1973-01-01)
      Distinguished video artists Steina and Woody Vasulka demonstrate techniques of video image generation and participate in an electronic jam session.
    • Women on Women (1973) 

      Klein, Bonnie Sherr (1973-01-01)
      The first program of Portable Channel’s Women’s Television Project, whose members came together to make videotapes expressing positive, alternative images of women. This program includes a talk with a woman newspaper ...