The courses and/or assessments in this collection were created through funding provided by either New York State or U.S. Department of Labor.

For Registered Apprenticeship training, generally a three-credit course will be approved for 72 hours of Related Instruction. Funding is available for new course creation and course revision that meets requirements for Related Instruction, as well as, assessment tools for competency-based and hybrid apprenticeships. For any curriculum development or revisions covered by the Apprenticeship Programs at SUNY the funded campus must agree to share the curriculum with other SUNY institutions through this platform.

Recent Submissions

  • TAM-131 Machine Shop Print Reading I 

    Krupnicki, Michael (2019)
  • TAM-132 Machine Shop Print Reading II 

    Lieb, Heather (Monroe Community College, 2019)
  • TAM 121:Mathematics for Machinists 

    Crump, Steven (Monroe Community College, 2019)
    Course Learning Outcomes 1.Solve problems involving combinations of powers and roots with other basic arithmetic operations, using a calculator. 2.Solve machine technology problems using algebraic equations and ...
  • TAM 101- Machine Theory I 

    HOFFMAN (Monroe Community College, 2019)
    Course Learning Outcomes 1.Identify various machine tools and their parts. 2.Identify various hand tools and their parts. 3.Use trade specific vocabulary in verbal and written communication. 4.Calculate machine tool ...