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    • E. M. Broner: 07-13-1981 

      Broner, Esther M.; Rubin, Stan Sanvel; Robertson, Mary Elsie (7/13/1981)
      E. M. Broner was a Jewish-American feminist writer, best known for her books Weave of Women, Her Mothers, Journal-Nocturnal and Seven Stories, and Summer is a Foreign Land. She begins the interview by reading a passage ...
    • Kevin Clark: 10-09-2002 

      Clark, Kevin; Rubin, Stan Sanvel (10/9/2002)
      Kevin Clark is a poet and professor at California Polytechnic State University whose work has appeared in publications such as The Antioch Review and The Georgia Review. He begins the interview by reading his poem “Parallel ...
    • Stanley Plumly: 06-30-1982 

      Plumly, Stanley (6/30/1982)
      In an interview conducted June 30, 1982, the poet Stanley Plumly discusses his work.
    • Adrienne Rich: 11-13-1973 

      Rich, Adrienne (11/13/1973)
      The poet Adrienne Rich discusses her work in an interview conducted November 13, 1973 on the Brockport campus.
    • Brian Turner: 03-11-2015 

      Turner, Brian (3/11/2015)
    • Mary Oliver: 07-14-1981 

      Oliver, Mary (7/14/1981)
      The poet Mary Oliver discusses her work in an interview recorded July 14, 1981.
    • Calvin Forbes: 09-25-2003 

      Forbes, Calvin (9/25/2003)
      Calvin Forbes reads his poems "Kindness" and "Mama's Boy." He discusses the influences of John Donne, metaphysical poetry, public libraries, and music, especially jazz, on his work. The interview ends with a discussion of ...
    • Kevin Young: 11-30-2016 

      Young, Kevin (11/30/2016)
      Poet and editor Kevin Young discusses his work in an interview conducted November 30, 2016.
    • Sarah Freligh: 09-14-2016 

      Freligh, Sarah (9/14/2016)
      In an interview conducted September 14, 2016, poet and teacher Sarah Freligh discusses her work.
    • A. Manette Ansay: 11-01-1995 

      Ansay, A. Manette; Rubin, Stan Sanvel (11/1/1995)
      A. Manette Ansay is an author known for works such as her short story collection Read This and Tell Me What it Says and her popular novel Vinegar Hill. She starts off the interview by reading a short excerpt from Vinegar ...
    • Charles Baxter: 03-05-1987 

      Baxter, Charles (3/5/1987)
      Charles Baxter discusses his work in an interview conducted March 5, 1987.
    • Weike Wang: 10-17-2018 

      Wang, Weike (10/17/2018)
      Novelist Weike Wang discusses her work in an interview recorded October 17, 2018.
    • Elena Passarello: 10-03-2018 

      Passarello, Elena (10/3/2018)
      Essayist Elena Passarello discusses and reads from her work in an interview conducted October 3, 2018.
    • Anne Panning: 11-28-2018 

      Panning, Anne (11/28/2018)
      Memoirist and novelist Anne Panning discusses her work in an interview recorded November 28, 2018.
    • Edward P. Jones: 11-01-2017 

      Jones, Edward P. (11/1/2017)
      In an interview conducted November 1, 2017, Pulitzer-winning novelist and short story writer Edward P. Jones discusses and reads from his work. Topics discussed include the writing of fiction and the teaching of fiction writing.
    • Julia Elliott: 09-27-2017 

      Elliott, Julia (9/27/2017)
    • Kory Stamper: 11-29-2017 

      Stamper, Kory (11/29/2017)
      Merriam-Webster lexicographer Kory Stamper discusses the creation and editing of dictionaries. Stamper reads aloud from her book Word By Word and notes the flaws, virtues, and quirks of a few sample dictionaries.
    • Stephanie Powell Watts: 09-19-2018 

      Powell Watts, Stephanie (9/19/2018)
      In an interview conducted September 19, 2018, novelist and short story writer Stephanie Powell Watts discusses her work.
    • Edward Albee: 02-04-1981 

      Albee, Edward; Rubin, Stan Sanvel; Lazarre, Adam; Anderson, Mark (2/4/1981)
      Edward Albee was an American playwright, best known for plays such as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, A Delicate Balance, and Seascape. The interview begins with a discussion about creative art and its usefulness in sending ...
    • Karen Alkalay-Gut: 09-25-2002 

      Alkalay-Gut, Karen; Rubin, Stan Sanvel (9/25/2002)
      Karen Alkalay-Gut is an award-winning poet and professor at Tel Aviv University in Israel. She starts the interview by reading her poems “Plea for a Moratorium on Poems About Jerusalem” and “Belly Dancing, Tel Aviv, March ...