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    • Eric L. Gansworth: 10/24/2001 

      Gansworth, Eric L. (2001-10-24)
    • Erica Jong : 04-04-1974 

      Jong, Erica; Searle, Leroy; Rubin, Stanley Sanvel (1974-04-04)
      In an interview recorded April 4, 1974, Erica Jong reads two poems, "Becoming a Nun" and "Man on the Moon"; discusses her training as a writer, and women's sexual repression and struggle for equal rights; and reads from ...
    • Ernest Gaines: 02-27-1969 

      Gaines, Ernest; Fitz Gerald, Gregory; Marchant, Peter (1969-02-27)
      In an interview recorded on February 27, 1969, Ernest Gaines discusses Tolstoy, Chekhov, Turgenev, Faulkner, and Joyce; his childhood in Louisiana, and how the state has changed and not changed; jazz; H. Rap Brown; and ...
    • Fleda Brown Jackson: 03-01-1995 

      Jackson, Fleda Brown; Rubin, Stan Sanvel (1995-03-01)
      Fleda Brown Jackson earned her PhD in American Literature at the University of Arkansas and is known for her poetry collections Fishing with Blood and Do Not Peel the Birches. She begins the interview by reading two poems ...
    • Forrest Gander: 10-19-2011 

      Gander, Forrest (2011-10-19)
      Forrest Gander, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for poetry, discusses and reads from his work in an interview recorded October 19, 2011.
    • Fred Hechinger: 05-07-1982 

      Hechinger, Fred; Andrews, William G.; Watts, Sarah M. (1982-05-07)
      In an interview recorded May 7, 1982, education journalist Fred Hechinger explains his rationale for accepting a job offer from the New York Times in 1959, despite having turned them down two times prior. Hechinger describes ...
    • Gail Hosking: 3/3/2021 

      Hosking, Gail (2021-03-03)
    • Galway Kinnell: 10/22/1969 

      Kinnell, Galway (1969-10-22)
    • Galway Kinnell: 11/5/1971 Part 1 

      Kinnell, Galway (1971-11-05)
    • Galway Kinnell: 11/5/1971 Part 2 

      Kinnell, Galway (1971-11-05)
    • Galway Kinnell: 6/29/1982 

      Kinnell, Galway (1982-06-29)
    • Gary Clark: 02-06-1980 

      Clark, Gary; Marchant, Peter L.; Fitz Gerald, Gregory (1980-02-06)
      Novelist and essayist Gary Clark reads from his novel The Clearing. He discusses how Icelandic and Norse sagas influence his stories and the importance of setting his stories in Norway instead of his hometown of Buffalo, ...
    • Gene Roddenberry: 09-18-1981 

      Roddenberry, Gene; Burelbach, Frederick; Marchant, Piers (1981-09-18)
      Gene Roddenberry was a producer and screenwriter, best known for creating the original television series Star Trek. Roddenberry was also a member of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Explorer’s Club of New York ...
    • Gene Wolfe: 06-29-1982 

      Wolfe, Gene; Kress, Nancy; Rich, Calvin (1982-06-29)
      Science fiction and fantasy author Gene Wolfe discusses The Book of the New Sun, his reasons for focusing on science fiction and fantasy, and the likelihood of our society's realizing the potential of such stories.
    • Genevieve Sly Crane: 9/22/2021 

      Crane, Genevieve Sly (2021-09-22)
    • Gerald Lyn Early: 02-15-1995 

      Early, Gerald Lyn; Rubin, Stan Sanvel (1995-02-15)
      Gerald Early received his PhD in English literature from Cornell University. He is best known for his works critiquing American culture. He begins the interview by reading a passage from his nonfiction book Daughters. He ...
    • Grace Paley: 02-18-1982 

      Paley, Grace; Marchant, Peter L.; Robertson, Mary Elsie (1982-02-18)
      In an interview recorded February 18, 1982, Grace Paley reads her short story "Wants" and discusses her beginnings as a writer, her switch from poetry to the short story, writing while raising children, her political ...
    • Henry Louis Gates: 2/16/1990 

      Gates, Henry Louis (1990-02-16)
    • Hortense Calisher: 03-07-1979 

      Calisher, Hortense; Marchant, Peter L.; Fitz Gerald, Gregory (1979-03-07)
      In an interview conducted on March 8th, 1979, Hortense Calisher recounts the beginning of her career as an author with the short story series In the Absence of Angels. Calisher discusses the autobiographical influence on ...
    • Hugh Kenner: 3/23/1970 

      Kenner, Hugh (1970-03-23)