Recent Submissions

  • June Jordan Interview : 09-24-1981 

    Jordan, June (1981-09-24)
  • Living on the Precipice: A Conversation with Edward Albee 

    Albee, Edward F.; Anderson, Mark; Ingersoll, Earl G. (1981-02-05)
    An edited version of the Writers Forum interview dated February 5, 1981. Speaking with Edward Albee were Stan Sanvel Rubin, the current director of·the Forum; Adam Lazarre, the former Dean of Fine Arts; and Mark Anderson, ...
  • John Ashbery : 11-27-1972 

    Ashbery, John; Poulin, Alfred A. (1972-11-27)
    Alfred A. Poulin Jr. interviews the poet John Ashbery during the 5th season of the Brockport Writers Forum, on November 27, 1972. Ashbery reads from his works and discusses writers and other influences.
  • 'Loosening the Emotional Knot ': A Conversation with Carolyn Forche 

    Forche, Carolyn; Ingersoll, Earl G.; Rubin, Stanley Sanvel; Susskind, Harriet (1982-11-03)
    Poets Harriet Susskind and Stan Sanvel Rubin, speak with poet Carolyn Forche during a Writers Forum interview at the State University of New York College at Brockport on November 3, 1982. This interview was edited by Earl ...