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    • A. Manette Ansay: 11-01-1995 

      Ansay, A. Manette; Rubin, Stan Sanvel (1995-11-01)
      A. Manette Ansay is an author known for works such as her short story collection Read This and Tell Me What it Says and her popular novel Vinegar Hill. She starts off the interview by reading a short excerpt from Vinegar ...
    • Adrienne Rich: 11-13-1973 

      Rich, Adrienne (1973-11-13)
      The poet Adrienne Rich discusses her work in an interview conducted November 13, 1973 on the Brockport campus.
    • Al Abonado: 10/7/2020 

      Abonado, Al (2020-10-07)
    • Alan Michael Parker 

      Nussbaum, Karl (2016-01-01)
    • Alan Michael Parker: 10-27-2004 

      Parker, Alan Michael (2004-10-27)
      Alan Michael Parker begins the interview by reading his poem “The Work.” He goes on to discuss his early poetic influences, such as his own mother and the array of books she kept in his house when he was young, including ...
    • Alison Deming: 9/18/2019 

      Deming, Alison (2019-09-18)
    • Alison Lurie: 10/19/1983 

      Lurie, Alison (1983-10-19)
    • Alison Rollins: 10/21/2020 

      Rollins, Alison (2020-10-21)
    • Allen Ginsberg: 10-19-1972 

      Ginsberg, Allen; Heyen, William; DeLoach, Allen (1973-10-19)
      Allen Ginsberg plays the harmonium, discusses rhythm and breath, and sings William Blake's poem "The Lamb."
    • Andrew Sinclair: 03-16-1978 

      Sinclair, Andrew; Marchant, Peter L.; Perry, John J. (1978-03-16)
      In an interview recorded on March 16th, 1978, Andrew Sinclair reads “Gog” and describes his reliance, as a writer, on hallucinations caused by fatigue and starvation. Other topics include differences in American and English ...
    • Andy Plattner: 10/5/2022 

      Plattner, Andy (2022-10-05)
    • Anne Panning: 11-28-2018 

      Panning, Anne (2018-11-28)
      Memoirist and novelist Anne Panning discusses her work in an interview recorded November 28, 2018.
    • Anne Sexton: 09-10-1973 

      Sexton, Anne; Heyen, William; Poulin, Al (1973-09-10)
      Sexton talks about her designation as a "confessional poet" and the shifts in the themes of her poems through the years. She says that she writes what she wants and has to write, but that she often uses other people's ...
    • Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis: 09-13-2017 

      Kartsonis, Ariana-Sophia (2017-09-13)
      In an interview conducted September 13, 2017, the poet Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis reads from and discusses work from the collections Intaglio and The Rub.
    • Barry Targan: 3/7/1968 

      Targan, Barry (1968-03-07)
    • Barry Targan: 7/10/1981 

      Targan, Barry (1981-07-10)
    • Benjamin DeMott 

      Unknown author (1968-12-01)
      Benjamin DeMott visited The College at Brockport in December 1968. He was a writer, scholar, and cultural critic.
    • Billy Collins 

      Unknown author (2000-03-01)
      Billy Collins visited The College at Brockport in March 2000. He is a critically-acclaimed poet and professor.
    • Brian Turner: 03-11-2015 

      Turner, Brian (2015-03-11)
    • Calvin Forbes: 09-25-2003 

      Forbes, Calvin (2003-09-25)
      Calvin Forbes reads his poems "Kindness" and "Mama's Boy." He discusses the influences of John Donne, metaphysical poetry, public libraries, and music, especially jazz, on his work. The interview ends with a discussion of ...