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    • William Heyen: 01-09-1968 

      Heyen, William (1968-02-09)
      Recorded on February 2, 1968 at Potsdam University, William Heyen talks about his inspirations as a poet and writing as a form of perception. He reads the poems “The Fourth Day” and “Depth of Field.”
    • Lewis Turco: 2/22/1968 

      Turco, Lewis (1968-02-22)
    • W. S. Merwin: 02-29-1968 

      Merwin, W. S.; Fitz Gerald, Gregory; Heyen, William (1968-02-29)
      Merwin discusses his changing poetic style, saying that he never stays excited about any style for very long, and that he now wants to write about direct experiences. He talks about the gradual abandonment of punctuation ...
    • Barry Targan: 3/7/1968 

      Targan, Barry (1968-03-07)
    • W. D. Snodgrass: 10/23/1968 

      Snodgrass, W. D. (1968-10-23)
    • Diane Wakoski: 10/30/1968 

      Wakoski, Diane (1968-10-30)
    • George P. Elliott 

      Unknown author (1968-11-01)
      George P. Elliott visited The College at Brockport in November 1968. He was a critically-acclaimed novelist and editor.
    • Benjamin DeMott 

      Unknown author (1968-12-01)
      Benjamin DeMott visited The College at Brockport in December 1968. He was a writer, scholar, and cultural critic.
    • Patricia Goedicke: 12/4/1968 

      Goedicke, Patricia (1968-12-04)
    • Ronald Gross: 2/5/1969 

      Gross, Ronald (1969-02-05)
    • John Hollander: 02-13-1969 

      Hollander, John (1969-02-13)
      The poet John Hollander discusses his work in an interview recorded February 13, 1969.
    • Ernest Gaines: 02-27-1969 

      Gaines, Ernest; Fitz Gerald, Gregory; Marchant, Peter (1969-02-27)
      In an interview recorded on February 27, 1969, Ernest Gaines discusses Tolstoy, Chekhov, Turgenev, Faulkner, and Joyce; his childhood in Louisiana, and how the state has changed and not changed; jazz; H. Rap Brown; and ...
    • Richard Wilbur: 03-13-1969 

      Wilbur, Richard P.; Fitz Gerald, Gregory; Heyen, William (1969-03-13)
      In an interview recorded March 13, 1969, Richard Wilbur discusses oratorical qualities in American poetry. Wilbur cites Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" and three political works of his own to compare, as interviewer Wiliam Heyen ...
    • Stephen Dobyns: 5/7/1969 

      Dobyns, Stephen (1969-05-07)
    • Miller Williams: 10/15/1969 

      Williams, Miller (1969-10-15)
    • Galway Kinnell: 10/22/1969 

      Kinnell, Galway (1969-10-22)
    • William Stafford: 11/12/1969 

      Stafford, William (1969-11-12)
    • Robert Bly 

      Unknown author (1970-03-01)
      Robert Bly visited The College at Brockport in March 1970, December 1971, and April 1974. He is a poet, author, and activist known for Iron John: A Book About Men (1990).
    • Robert Bly: 3/11/1970 

      Bly, Robert (1970-03-11)
    • Robert Creeley: 3/18/1970 

      Creeley, Robert (1970-03-18)