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    • Brockport Normal Quarter Centennial Address 

      Holmes, Daniel (1/1/1892)
      Brockport Normal School, history of.
    • Alumni Listing 1868-1916 

      School, Brockport Normal (1/1/1917)
      This is a list by class, and then by name, of the graduates of the Brockport Normal School, the classes of 1868-1916. For the genealogists, it does list addresses and married names. You can use the search function in Digital ...
    • Semicentennial of 1917: Speeches, General History, Faculty Roster & Illustrations 

      School, Brockport Normal (1/1/1917)
      From 1917, speeches, a brief history, a faculty roster and some images of the Brockport State Normal School on the 50th anniversary of its becoming a state school in 1867.
    • Alumni Locality Index, 1867-1922 

      School, Brockport Normal (1/1/1923)
      This supplement to the 1917 Semicentennial booklet is mainly made up of a locality index, A-Z by name of town or city, showing where Brockport alumni of 1867-1922 were living at the time of publication. If the file is ...
    • Alumni Listing, 1923-1932 

      School, Brockport Normal (1/1/1932)
      This is a merged set of alumni lists, one covering the classes of 1923-1927, and the other the classes of 1928-1932. There are faculty lists as well.
    • Notes on the Normal school building 

      Unknown author (1/1/1936)
    • A History of the Brockport Collegiate Institute: 1832 to 1867 

      Butler, M. Alene (1/1/1939)
      This thesis was done by Miss Butler at the University of Rochester. She was a Brockport native who graduated from the Normal school in 1929, later attending University of Rochester for her bachelors and master's degrees. ...
    • A Local Survey of Early Schools 

      Hastings, Helen (1/1/1940)
      A paper by Miss Helen Hastings, an avid amateur historian and founder of the Brockport village museum. The paper provides a good deal of history and anecdotal information on our predecessor, the Brockport Collegiate ...
    • The New Building 

      Unknown author (1/1/1940)
    • Memoirs: Class of 1944 

      Browne, Peg Hare (1/1/1944)
    • And So I Came to Brockport 

      Unknown author (1/1/1944)
      A student recruitment booklet of 1944 that captures both the school and the era. Includes photos.
    • Betty Evershed '46 Scrapbook 

      Evershed, Betty (1/1/1946)
    • 1955 Soccer Team: Stylus Articles 

      Unknown author (1/1/1955)
      The Stylus reporting on the Brockport State Teachers College team of 1955 that beat Army and won the national championship!
    • 1959-1960 Student Guide 

      Unknown author (1/1/1959)
      This student handbook is a fascinating look into life at Brockport some fifty years ago. In another ten years things would change immensely, but this captures the expectations and opportunities Brockport offered in the ...
    • Cherishing This Heritage 

      Dedman, W. Wayne (1/1/1969)
      A comprehensive and scholarly study of the college at Brockport NY.
    • Brockport 25 

      Unknown author (1/1/1973)
      This booklet, edited by Sarah Watts, was published in the fall of 1973 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the SUNY system in 1948. The chapters, by various faculty, staff, students and alumni, ...
    • Cook Book 

      Unknown author (1/1/1974)
      This cookbook with an international flavor was put together by the Faculty Women's Association in 1974. There are recipes from around the world, from appetizers to breads to entrees and of course desserts!
    • Prometheus Comes To Brockport 

      Fessenden, Mary Kallen; Zhang, Jie (1/1/1979)