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    • 26 Erie Street, Brockport NY 

      Guelph, George (1915-01-01)
      26 Erie Street, ca1915. This house stood on the north side of Erie Street, until torn down ca1969 to create today's municipal parking lot. Note the trolley car lines and tracks; the Colonial Inn was a station on the trolley ...
    • Brockport Old Home Week Parade 

      Guelph, George (1911-01-01)
      A parade in Brockport, part of the summer of 1911 Old Home Week celebration.
    • Brockport Old Home Week, Parade Bystanders 

      Guelph, George (1911-01-01)
      Bystanders viewing a parade on Main Street as part of the 1911 Old Home Week celebration.
    • Brockport Yacht Club 

      Guelph, George (1907-01-01)
      The Brockport Yacht Club ca1907, on Sandy Creek where it enters Lake Ontario.
    • Brockport, Park Avenue Canal Bridge 

      Guelph, George (1912-01-01)
      This view looks north to the Park Avenue bridge over the Erie Canal ca1912, showing surveyors at work during the last major expansion of the canal. The "high" bridge shown here was replaced by a liftbridge during the expansion.
    • Capen Hose Fire Company 

      Guelph, George (1910-01-01)
      The Capen Hose fire house in Brockport ca1912.
    • St. Lukes Epicopal Church, Brockport NY 

      Guelph, George (1905-01-01)
      A photo of St. Luke's church and parish house ca1905. Notice the sign for the livery stable on the pole; the stable was next door, where the village offices are today.