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    • Old Home Week, Brockport 

      Guelph, George (1911-01-01)
      Brockport, Main Street, Old Home Week. This celebration of the village's history and community was very popular.
    • St. Lukes Epicopal Church, Brockport NY 

      Guelph, George (1905-01-01)
      A photo of St. Luke's church and parish house ca1905. Notice the sign for the livery stable on the pole; the stable was next door, where the village offices are today.
    • Steamroller Contest 

      Elwell, A. B. (1908-01-01)
      This photograph is of one of two steam rollers that were competing to be selected by the Town of Hamlin for their highway work. The contest was held on Lake Road near the Singleton Hotel, pictured here, which was on the ...
    • Tornado in Brockport, Holley Street 

      Guelph, George (1906-01-01)
      This photo shows the destruction on the west end of Holley Street resulting from a tornado that occured in Brockport June 8, 1906. James Thuresson's wife lost her life from the storm which destroyed their home.
    • Towboat on Canal 

      Unknown author (2013-01-24)
      The R.H. Hebard tugboat on the canal in between the Main Street and Park Avenue Bridges, ca1910, probably before the canal was widened in 1914.