Recent Submissions

  • Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School and Christmas Park, Albion, NY 

    Albion, NY Middle School (2021)
    This booklet was researched by Mr. Archer’s Albion Middle School seventh grade Service Learning students out of admiration for one of Albion’s great ambassadors, Charles W. Howard.
  • Mount Albion Cemetery 

    Albion Middle School (2023)
    This booklet covers the history of the cemetery along with notable monuments, caretakers of the cemetery and the 1879 plan of the cemetery, along with a wealth of other information. It is not a list of burials in the cemetery..
  • Remembering: Not to Be Thwarted, We Remember Some of Brockport's Finest 

    Meade, Richard (Bud) D. (2020-01-01)
    “Remembering” consists of memorial tributes written for over 500 SUNY Brockport emeriti, retirees and friends. Entrees cover those who passed away from January 2, 2001 through August 29, 2020 plus a few stories from earlier ...
  • The Reaper Industry in Brockport 

    Hastings, Helen (1950-01-01)
    A paper on the history of the reaper industry in Brockport NY. Miss Hastings was a keen amateur historian, and a great niece of William Seymour, a key participant in the industry. She covers the history of the industry, ...
  • Brockport Old Home Week News 

    Unknown author (1911-01-01)
    A special newspaper produced for Brockport's Old Home Week, 1911.
  • Reminiscing in Royalton 

    Cosleman, Eleanor (1962-01-01)
    A history of the town of Royalton in Niagara County NY, written by a Brockport student who was a native of the town.
  • Local History Materials in Drake Memorial Library, SUNY College at Brockport: An Annotated Bibliography with an Index of Names and Places 

    Bloch, Judith V.; Herlan, Ronald W. (The College at Brockport, 1988-01-01)
    1988 annotated bibliography of print local History materials in Drake Memorial Library. No guarantee materials are currently available in Drake.
  • History of Monroe County NY: Town of Sweden & Village of Brockport 

    Unknown author
    History of the Town of Sweden and the Village of Brockport. The text has many details about local people, pioneer history of the area, institutions and their stories. There are also several pages of illustrations of local ...
  • 1911 Old Home Week Sheet Music 

    Donatelli, M.; Weeks, E. C. (1911-01-01)
    Original sheet music from the 1911 Brockport Old Home Week Celebration.
  • History of Brockport With Vicinity Happenings, 1826 - 1956: Also Biographies of Prominent Men of the Past 

    Elwell, A. B. (Brockport Republic, 1956-01-01)
    Wide ranging series of local history articles by A.B. Elwell covering life in the village of Brockport and the surrounding region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Mr. Elwell was a lifelong resident of Brockport, ...
  • History of Monroe County, NY: Town of Hamlin 

    Unknown author
    The Town of Hamlin section, including illustrations. from the 1877 county history. Much good information here on history of the town, prominent residents and institutions etc.
  • Historical Album of Orleans County, NY: Pioneer Chapters 

    Unknown author
    This is pages 69-95 of MacNamara's Orleans County history. The chapters cover early pioneer settlement and life, schools, medicine, roads, government officers and more.
  • Historical Album of Orleans County NY: Clarendon 

    Unknown author
    History of Orleans County, Town of Clarendon. Many details of pioneer history, families, businesses, institutions etc. Also a roster of Civil War service, and illustration of Warren Farm, Bennets Corners.
  • Early Settlers of Sweden: Fifty Years Ago, Brockport in 1829 

    Soules, Stanley
    In 1879 the Brockport Republic newspaper ran a series of articles commemorating the early settlers of Sweden, Brockport, and Clarkson. Stanley Soules was a retiree who made an avocation of local history and in the 1980s ...
  • Town of Sweden Sesqui-Centennial Celebration: 1814-1964 

    Unknown author (1964-01-01)
    This book is a well done job of local history, portraying not only the history of the Town of Sweden, but that of the Village of Brockport too. It covers from the early pioneer days just after the War of 1812 up through ...
  • All Brockport Edition 

    Unknown author (Brockport Republic, 1913-12-18)
    Brockport NY, local history
  • Carriage Rides and Excursions: 1868-1877 

    Soules, Stanley
    Letters describing carriage rides and train excursions ca1870 in western NY.
  • History of Clarkson, 1803 - 1890. Volume 1 & 2 

    Soules, Stanley (Brockport Republic, ##########)
    Stanley Soules was a local man who in his retirement in the 1980s transcribed and printed a number of local history articles from the Brockport Republic newspaper. This and the accompanying volume 2 were compiled by him ...
  • Old Houses of Monroe County 

    Hastings, Helen; Daughters of the American Revolution, Brockport Chapter (1946-01-01)
    The main author of this book, and the editor, was Helen Hastings, a noted local historian of Brockport, and the founder of the Brockport village museum. She worked on this book with a committee of the Brockport Chapter of ...
  • D. S. Morgan (Seymour & Morgan) Company 

    Cowling, Charlie (2013-01-01)
    Seymour & Morgan reaper manufacturers, Brockport NY.

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