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    • Eighth Lake State Open Camp 

      Unknown author (1/1/1922)
      New York. Eighth lake (Fulton chain). State Open camp and campers; pack baskets, canoe. (1922)
    • Wreckage of Falls View Bridge 

      Unknown author (1/1/1938)
      Wreckage of Falls View bridge lying on ice jam in gorge; View from American Side. Niagara Falls, New York. (January 28, 1938)
    • Generator Room of Schoelkopf Station 3A, Niagara Falls. 

      Unknown author (1/1/1935)
      New York, Niagara Falls. Schoelkopf station 3A: generator room. (August 1935)
    • Whirlpool Rapids 

      Unknown author (1/1/1934)
      New York. Niagara Falls. Whirlpool rapids, view upstream, lower arch bridge and Michigan central railroad bridge in distance. (August 1934)
    • Cobleskill Valley 

      Unknown author (1/1/1912)
      Landscape view of the hillside of the Cobleskill Valley, near Richmondville.
    • Chautauqua Lake 

      Unknown author (1/1/1914)
      Chautauqua Lake (elevation 1308 feet): A landscape picture of the shore line, dock and leaning tree.
    • Cherry Valley, Middlefield 

      Unknown author (1/1/1924)
      A landscape picture of the fog in the Cherry Valley, near Middlefield.
    • Canandaigua Lake Naples Valley 

      Unknown author (1/1/1924)
      Canandiagua Lake and Naples Valley. A general view northwest from Hatch Hill; potato patch and man sitting on the plateau.
    • Buffalo Wheeler Elevator 

      Unknown author (1/1/1913)
      Wheeler Elevator (capacity 750,000 bushels), foot in hold of vessel unloading corn located in Buffalo New York.
    • Little Hoosic, Berlin New York 

      Unknown author (1/1/1913)
      View East across the valley of the Little Hoosic: Village, wooded hill tops and fertile fields.
    • Amherst-Cornell Hockey 

      Unknown author (1/1/1922)
      Hockey game between Cornell University and Amherst College at Cornell.
    • Herd Of Cattle 

      Unknown author (1/1/1928)
      Near Constableville, New York. Herd of cattle, large dairy barn. (July, 1928)
    • Helderberg Escarpment 

      Unknown author (1/1/1925)
      A view southeast along the Helderberg Escarpment: showing an outcrop of limestone rock.
    • Digging up Indian Corn 

      Unknown author (6/1/1921)
      Regent H.L. Bridgman and Mr. Rufus Stanley digging up charred Indian corn destroyed by General Sullivan. On mount Zoar, southwest of Elmira.
    • Plattekill Range 

      Unknown author (3/11/2019)
      Plattekill Range from Star Rock. Just North of Tannersville
    • Periodical Reference Room 

      Unknown author (1/1/1913)
      Periodical Reference Room, State Education Building, Albany NY
    • Peak Catskills 

      Unknown author (1/1/1925)
      Peaks of the Catskills: (left to right) Blackhead, Black Dome, Thomas Cole, Windham High Peak. Picture taken from a point between Smith's Corner and Medusa.
    • Palisades Interstate Park 

      Unknown author (1/1/1918)
      Palisades Interstate Park. View East over Lake Kanawauke from Elevation, Wooded Landscape.
    • Oriskany Creek Valley 

      Unknown author (1/1/1916)
      A landscape view of Oriskany Creek Valley, west toward Madison.
    • Large Apple Trees in Blossom 

      Unknown author (5/14/1925)
      Large Apple Trees in Blossom