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    • A Girl and Her Friend 

      Unknown author (1919-07-04)
      A girl sitting next to a young deer.
    • Albany Delaware & Hudson RR Headquarters 

      Unknown author (1925-01-01)
      The headquarters of the Delaware & Hudson RR in Albany NY.
    • Amherst-Cornell Hockey 

      Unknown author (1922-01-01)
      Hockey game between Cornell University and Amherst College at Cornell.
    • Ausable Chasm 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      Picture of Rainbow Falls from below out of Ausable chasm.
    • Ausable Chasm 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      The Ausable Chasm Downstream.
    • Bloody Pond 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      Bloody Pond, looking Northeast; French Mountain, near the head of Lake George, N.Y. (1911)
    • Bloody Pond Looking Northeast 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      Lake George, New York. Bloody Pond looking Northeast. (1911)
    • Brickmaking 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      Brickmaking: a floor, hacking brick, hacks with covers. Haverstraw, New York. (1912)
    • Buffalo Wheeler Elevator 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      Wheeler Elevator (capacity 750,000 bushels), foot in hold of vessel unloading corn located in Buffalo New York.
    • Burroughs and Muir 

      Unknown author (1908-01-01)
      A picture of John Muir (right) and John Burroughs (left) seated in a garden having a conversation in the winter of 1908-9.
    • Burroughs Woodchuck Lodge 

      Unknown author (1917-09-01)
      John Burroughs' woodchuck Lodge. He is standing outside with visitors.
    • Burroughs' Study Exterior 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      Burroughs' Study from the outside, Hudson river in the Distance. Near West Park, NY
    • Burroughs' Study Interior 

      Unknown author (1910-01-01)
      The Interior of Burroughs study, located near West Park NY
    • Canandaigua Lake Naples Valley 

      Unknown author (1924-01-01)
      Canandiagua Lake and Naples Valley. A general view northwest from Hatch Hill; potato patch and man sitting on the plateau.
    • Cathedral of All Saints 

      Unknown author (1916-01-01)
      New York. Albany. Cathedral of All Saints, upper part of East end. (1916)
    • Cayuga Lake Valley 

      Unknown author (1915-01-01)
      A landscape view of the west slope of Cayuga Lake Valley, Near Trumanburg NY
    • Chautauqua Lake 

      Unknown author (1914-01-01)
      Chautauqua Lake (elevation 1308 feet): A landscape picture of the shore line, dock and leaning tree.
    • Cherry Valley, Middlefield 

      Unknown author (1924-01-01)
      A landscape picture of the fog in the Cherry Valley, near Middlefield.
    • Chilson Lake 

      Unknown author (1920-01-01)
      A landscape picture of Chilson Lake (Eagle Lake) from Northeast: Shore, Charles Island, Eagle Cliff. This lake is located about 12 miles east of Schroon Lake Village.
    • Cobleskill Valley 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      Landscape view of the hillside of the Cobleskill Valley, near Richmondville.