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    • Old Woodchuck 

      Unknown author (1900-01-01)
      Otsego County, New York. Old woodchuck coming from burrow. (1900)
    • Hudson River Valley 

      Unknown author (1900-01-01)
      The Hudson River Valley, from near Sugar Loaf Mountain northwest; West Point, Constitution Island, Northern Gateway to the Highland.
    • John Burroughs and his Granddaughter 

      Unknown author (1903-01-01)
      John Burroughs reading to his Granddaughter at Slabsides, near West Park, NY
    • Portrait of John Burroughs 

      Unknown author (1904-01-01)
      A portorait of John Burroughs (1837-1921) From a negative (1904) from "life" by Pach Bros., New York. (1912)
    • Burroughs and Muir 

      Unknown author (1908-01-01)
      A picture of John Muir (right) and John Burroughs (left) seated in a garden having a conversation in the winter of 1908-9.
    • Indian Apple Tree 

      Unknown author (1909-01-01)
      Indian Apple Tree on the H.H. Loomis Farm.
    • Burroughs' Study Interior 

      Unknown author (1910-01-01)
      The Interior of Burroughs study, located near West Park NY
    • General View of the Mohawk Valley 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      New York. General view of the Mohawk Valley Northeast from hill six miles east of Utica. (1911)
    • Fort Amherst 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      General view of Fort Amherst (Crown Point) in relation to Lake Champlain; officers barracks; earthworks. New York. (1911)
    • Niagara Falls Gorge 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      View down the Niagara Falls Gorge from Grand Trunk Bridge.
    • Bloody Pond Looking Northeast 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      Lake George, New York. Bloody Pond looking Northeast. (1911)
    • Fair View Fruit Farm 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      New York. Fair view fruit farm, section of orchard. Near Olcott. (1911)
    • Lake Champlain 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      Lake Champlain Panorama Northeast from Mt. Defiance, Showing Lake and the position of Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Independence.
    • St. Peter's Church on State Street 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      New York. Albany. St. Peter's Church: facade (begun in 1859, Richard Upjohn architect). State street. (1911)
    • Bloody Pond 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      Bloody Pond, looking Northeast; French Mountain, near the head of Lake George, N.Y. (1911)
    • Hudson River Northern Gateway of the Highlands 

      Unknown author (1911-01-01)
      Hudson River. Northern Gateway of the highlands, Breakneck Mountain and Cornwall from the heights.
    • The Hudson River at Glens Falls 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      New York. Hudson River at Glens Falls in the summer. (August 1912).
    • Skidding Hardwood Logs in Early Winter 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      Skidding hardwood logs in early winter. Woods lake, Herkimer County, New York. (1912)
    • Logging at Woodhull Lake 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      A good load of pulp wood, spruce and hemlock: 95 pieces, 12 cords, 19 tons total.
    • Montgomery House 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      Montgomery House riverside; locus trees. East bank of the Hudson River