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    • Nighthawk (Eggs) 

      Bailey, Guy (1903-01-01)
      Nighthawk. Eggs on Graveled Roof. Photographed by Guy Bailey. Kirk block, Syracuse, New York. (1903)
    • Shrike, Migrant 

      Bailey, Guy (1903-05-01)
      Shrike, Migrant. Nest with Two Eggs in Grapevine. Photogrpahed by Guy Bailey. Onondaga valley, New York. (May 1903)
    • Sparrow, Field 

      Bailey, Guy (2018-09-17)
      Sparrow, Field. Nest with Four Eggs of Field Sparrow and One of Cowbird in the Grass. Photographed by Guy Bailey.
    • Sparrow, Field 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1915-06-01)
      Sparrow, Field. Nest with Two Eggs of Field Sparrow and One of Cowbird, in Clump of Jersey Tea. Photographed by Arthur A. Allen. Cornell heights, Ithaca, New York. (June 1915)
    • Sparrow, Swamp 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1909-06-01)
      Sparrow, Swamp. Nest with Four Eggs in Dried Sedges. Photographed by Arthur A. Allen. Renwick, near Ithaca, New York. (June 13, 1909)
    • Towhee 

      Bailey, Guy (1912-01-01)
      Towhee. Nest with Four Eggs on Ground. Photographed by Guy Bailey. (1912)
    • Vireo, Blue-headed 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1913-05-01)
      Vireo, Blue-headed. Nest with Cowbird Egg in Hemlock Tree. Photographed by Arthur A. Allen. Ithaca, New York. (May 25, 1913)
    • Woodpecker, Downy 

      Bailey, Guy (1906-01-01)
      Woodpecker, Downy. Nest with Six Eggs. Photographed by Guy Bailey. (1906)