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    • Brick Store Chamber 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      Egypt. Labeled as Pithom. The remains of an ancient brick store chamber. (1913)
    • Growing Crops on Irrigated Land 

      Unknown author (2019-09-20)
      Egypt. Medinet Habu. Growing crops on irrigated land. A sakieh (a water wheel used to extract water from underground wells) is visible as well as the ancient ruins of temples in the distance.
    • Site of Ancient Memphis 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      Egypt. Memphis. Remains of broken columns at the site of ancient Memphis.
    • Temple Entrance Into the Court of Amenhotep III 

      Unknown author (1896-01-01)
      Egypt. Luxor. Western view of the temple entrance into the court of Amenhotep III. (About 1896)
    • Temple of Amun 

      Unknown author (2019-09-20)
      Egypt. Karnak. A row of criosphinxes from the first pylon outside the Temple of Amun.
    • Temple of Khons 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      Egypt. Karnak. Portal of Euergetes I and pylon of temple of Khons.
    • The Ramesseum 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      Egypt. Luxor. The Ramesseum (temple to Pharaoh Ramesses II) and the ruins of ancient houses.
    • The Site of Ancient Memphis. 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      Egypt. Memphis. Ruins of ancient soft brick buildings at the site of ancient Memphis.