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    • Alice and Charles Garlock, interviewed by Charlie Cowling 

      Tynan, Jacob; Cowling, Charlie (2015-05-05)
      Alice Garlock was born December 14, 1926 in Brockport, the daughter of Robert Frank and Miriam (Thompson) Winne. Her grandfather Alfred Thompson was the president of the State Normal School in Brockport, now the College ...
    • Allison Dentinger, interviewed by Roy Rodriguez 

      Tynan, Jacob; Rodriguez, Roy (2020-05-20)
      Allison Dentinger earned her bachelor's degree in History and Adolescent Inclusive Education in 2013 and her master's degree in Social Studies Education in 2016. She no longer teaches. As of November, she now works as a ...
    • Barb Gifford, interviewed by Jessy Blackburn 

      Tynan, Jacob; Blackburn, Jessy (2020-05-10)
      Barb Gifford was born and raised in Clifton Springs. She earned her Associate's Degree at Mohawk Valley Community College, and then transferred to SUNY Brockport, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. After ...
    • Betty Bolger, interviewed by Charlie Cowling 

      Tynan, Jacob; Cowling, Charlie (1942-01-01)
      Betty Bolger is a 1942 alumnus of the Brockport Teacher's College, and entered the college in 1939, when it was still a Normal School. After graduation she worked as a sixth grade teacher in the Greece school district ...
    • C. Bruce Lee, Class of 1944 

      Unknown author (1944-01-01)
      C. Bruce Lee was part of a group of three African-American students who came to Brockport in the fall of 1940 as part of a New Deal era educational opportunity program. Mr. Lee was from Buffalo, and while he only spent the ...
    • Da'Juan Steele, interviewed by Keegan F. Leslie-Taylor 

      Tynan, Jacob; Leslie-Taylor, Keegan F. (2019-09-18)
      As of September 2019, Da'Juan Steele is a History Major and English Minor at SUNY Brockport, with a focus in Childhood Education, He plans on continuing at Brockport for his Master's, and to teach children from similar ...
    • Dan Burns, interviewed by Joe Hickey 

      Tynan, Jacob; Hickey, Joe (2020-05-09)
      Dan Burns enrolled at SUNY Brockport after graduating from high school in 1964, but dropped out after a year and a half. He then worked in a tin can factory, at a funeral home as an apprentice, and at an Ossabaw writers ...
    • Deneen Griffin, interviewed by Jon Goehring 

      Tynan, Jacob; Duru, Betul; Goehring, Jonathan (2021-04-28)
      Deneen Griffin was raised in a very diverse family and went to a Catholic school until she decided to transfer into public school. Her friends and family members attended public schools and Griffin wanted the same experience. ...
    • Deneen Griffin, interviewed by Sharon Knaudt 

      Tynan, Jacob; Duru, Betul; Knaudt, Sharon (2019-09-02)
      Deneen Griffin is working towards her Bachelor’s in History and minor in African American history. Griffin aspires to become a middle school teacher and teach young children about African American history at a young age. ...
    • Ethel Henning, Class of 1925 

      Henning, Ethel (1925-01-01)
      This is an oral history interview with Ethel Henning '25 conducted by Charlie Cowling in 1990. At the time of the interview Miss Henning was living in the family farmhouse in Walworth NY, long retired from teaching.
    • Haylee Cogovan, interviewed by Kennedy Platter 

      Tynan, Jacob; Duru, Betul; Platter, Kennedy (2019-11-20)
      Haylee Cogovan was raised in Medina. Haylee is currently a student at SUNY Brockport with the intention of receiving a degree in ‘arts for children major with a concentration in dance studies.’ After her degree, Cogovan ...
    • Jenna Schlick, interviewed by Jessy Blackburn 

      Tynan, Jacob; Blackburn, Jessy (2019-11-18)
      Jenna Schlick attended Oriskany School District outside of Utica, which is a small school, her class consisting of only 53 students. She had previously considered going to beauty school in New York City and purse such a ...
    • Jill Campbell, interviewed by Layla Taha 

      Tynan, Jacob; Duru, Betul; Taha, Layla (2019-04-05)
      Jill Campbell was raised in the country near Buffalo in a large Catholic family. She attended Brockport, where she earned a Bachelor's in Speech. But she arrived at Brockport with the intention of majoring in Physical ...
    • Karen Taylor, interviewed by Keegan Leslie Taylor 

      Tynan, Jacob; Taylor, Keegan Leslie (2019-11-12)
      Karen Taylor grew up in Fairport and attended MCC (where she earned her Associate's Degree in Liberal Studies), the University at Buffalo, and Nazareth College (where she earned earned her Bachelor's Degree of Science in ...
    • Kristine Klein, interviewed by Kennedy Platter 

      Tynan, Jacob; Platter, Kennedy (2020-05-04)
      Kristine Klein was raised in Greece. She attended Brockport, where she earned a Bachelor's in Music History. She then earned a Master's degree in Library Science at SUNY Geneseo. She then earned a law degree in Georgia. ...
    • Mabel McCagg Webster, Class of 1922 

      Unknown author (1922-01-01)
      Mabel McCagg Webster, Class of 1922. Mabel was from Garland and commuted to Brockport by horse and buggy; learn more about the early '20s at Brockport in this interview.
    • Michael Latona, interviewed by Jon Goehring 

      Tynan, Jacob; Duru, Betul; Goehring, Jonathan (2021-04-28)
      Michael Latona is working towards becoming a history teacher at a high school level at SUNY Brockport. Latona received his associate's from MCC, and soon after moved to California with his friends. In California, Latona ...
    • Phil Fedele, interviewed by Nikko Montante 

      Tynan, Jacob; Montante, Nikko; Platter, Kennedy (1962-01-01)
      Phil Fedele graduated from Madison High School in the mid-fifties before serving a year in the Army Reserves. He then attended Brockport as a commuter student for three years and graduated in 1962. He was the first member ...
    • Richard Tynan, interviewed by Jacob Tynan 

      Tynan, Jacob (1970-01-01)
      Richard Tynan earned his Associate's Degree at SUNY Binghamton, and his Bachelor's Degree in English at SUNY Brockport during the late 1970's. After working two decades as a machinist, he returned to Brockport in the early ...
    • Rosanna Gutierrez, interviewed by Hannah Travis 

      Tynan, Jacob; Duru, Betul; Travis, Hannah (2019-09-27)
      Rosanna Gutierrez was born in Santiago, Dominic Republic and moved to the United States seven years ago. Gutierrez attended Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. She decided to attend SUNY Brockport because of the ...