Recent Submissions

  • Ballon over the stadium 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    A ballon over the stadium.
  • Footrace 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Footrace, Monroe County athletes.
  • Throwing ball 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
  • Muhammad Ali & Eunice Kennedy Shriver 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Muhammad Ali and Eunice Kennedy Shriver; Shriver was a lead figure in the early history of these special games.
  • Wheelchair derby 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Wheelchair derby athlete.
  • Parade 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Parade into the grounds, Rush Henrietta School and others.
  • Parade, Rochester City Schools 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Parade, students with Rochester City Schools banner.
  • President Albert Brown 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    President Albert Brown had been head of the college over 10 years at the time of the International Special Olympics. He was an innovative, bold leader who oversaw the college through its greatest ever period of growth.
  • Country group, unidentified 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    A challenge for our viewers; help us to identify the country group that these athletes represent!
  • Muhammed Ali, Stamp Ceremony 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Muhammad Ali at the ceremony launching the special commemorative stamp for the International Special Olympics.
  • Hugh Carey, Teddy Kennedy and Daniel Moynihan and Albert Brown 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    From the first full figure on left: Governor Hugh Carey, Senator Teddy Kennedy, Senator Daniel Moynihan, and President Albert Brown.
  • Phil Esposito and Sally Struthers 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Hockey legend Phil Esposito and actress Sally Struthers.
  • Art Buchwald 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    One of the many celebrities at the games was well known humorist and columnist Art Buchwald.
  • Chris Reeve 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Actor Chris Reeve.
  • Zurab Tsereteli 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Zurab Tsereteli was a native of Georgia in the Soviet Union, and the sculptor of the statues on either side of the library. Prometheus and the fountain statues of "Happiness to the World" were a gift from the Soviet Union ...
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 

    Unknown author (1979-01-01)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder.
  • Special Olympics Finding Aid 

    Unknown author (2014-01-01)
    This finding aid gives both an overview of the history of the 1979 International Special Olmypics held at Brockport and a detailed look at the collections we have relating to that event.
  • Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the International Special Olympic Games at Brockport 

    Mascari, Nicholas (2009-10-01)
    This article, written for the Fall 2009 issue of the Kaleidoscope, then the news magazine of the college, is an excellent capture of the 1979 International Special Olympics held here. A great starting point to learn about ...
  • Prometheus Comes to Brockport 

    Kallen, Mary Fessenden (1980-01-01)
    This unique document was put together by Mary Fessenden Kallen '73. She photographed and wrote text narrative documenting how the Soviet sculptor Tsereteli and his crew moved the Prometheus statue from the parking lot ...
  • The Olympics Special 

    Unknown author (1979-08-01)
    This is a special run newspaper done for the week of August 8 - 12, 1979. Sarah Watts was the Editor-in-Chief, and the many other contributors are listed on the last page of each issue. The week's run captures the events ...