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    • Der Schlendrian 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      This title is a German word which is hard to translate. It is somewhere between inefficiency and casualness. I somehow think of this piece in this way. Nevertheless, enjoy!
    • Der Tod Gehoert Zum Leben 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-04)
      Translates to "Death is Part of Life" During my fourth semester studying Chemistry at the Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, the father of one of my classmates and friend, Andrea Gessner, was diagnosed with cancer ...
    • Die Zusage/The Approval 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2001-01-01)
      The Approval. This piece came to me after I was accepted for graduate school in chemistry at Florida State University, Tallahassee.
    • Don't Be Sad 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-04)
      The title captures the emotion of the piece.
    • Eine Hand Voll Lebendiger Erde 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      Translates to: A hand full of living soil. It is a fascinating thought how much life exists in healthy soil, life of all kinds of shapes and sizes. According to Yard and Garden Publications (CMG GardenNotes #212) from the ...
    • Eintagsfliege 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-02)
      Translates to "The Mayfly". This type of fly only lives about one day. In the German language "Eintagsfliege" is also metaphorically used to describe a short lived/fleeting topic of interest. Photo is taken from website, ...
    • Fresh Wind 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      This piece is one of two pieces which came to me while writing my Ph.D. thesis. I called it Fresh Wind because the thought crossed my mind that some other Ph.D. student(s) will follow bringing in a fresh wind to the research ...
    • Freude 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-11)
      Translates to "Joy"! Except for some early pieces where I tried hard to compose something, all other pieces came to me simply by fiddling around. This is the first piece I composed like that. I was studying chemistry in ...
    • Hektik Contra Gelassenheit 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      Translates to "Hectic Versus Composed", which describes the mood of the piece. Enjoy!
    • Heute 'Mal Romantisch 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-09)
      Translates to "Some Romance for Today". Enjoy!
    • I've Got My Honey Back 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      Captures the mood after reconciliation.
    • Joke of Rock and Roll 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-13)
      I am not thinking of myself as a Rock'n Roll composer, but this is probably as close as I ever composed. Enjoy!
    • Klimakatastrophe 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      Translates to Climate Catastrophe". This piece came to me after witnessing a strong storm where a nearby forest was literally flattened. It made me wonder and concerned ever since.
    • Leben Und Lieben 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      Translates to "Living and Loving". A lively piece, enjoy!
    • Nachfreude 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      Translates literally to "The Joy After", which means the joyous feeling after something nice has happened.
    • Nur Mut 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-05)
      Translate to "Be Brave". This piece begins timidly but ends strong. Enjoy!
    • Party on Dude 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2003-01-01)
      more on the jazzy side
    • Phonesada 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-07-01)
      I composed this song for my wife Phonesada and played and sang it at our wedding reception for her.
    • Prelude En Silence 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      One of my first attempts of composing.
    • Prelude Im Herbst 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      Prelude in fall season: One of my first attempts of composing.