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    • "Demonstration Given in Ulster County" 

      Unknown author (1957-06-01)
      Brockport was a leader in exploring the use of television in the classroom in the 1950s and 1960s. This article relates the participation of campus school teacher Peg Hare Brown in a demonstration of instructional television ...
    • Campus School Parent Handbook 

      Unknown author (1964-01-01)
      This 1964 handbook for parents is a nice introduction to the campus school for readers today. It gives a history of the school and describes its purpose, organization, methods and so forth. It captures the school as it was ...
    • Campus School Yearbook 

      Unknown author (1966-01-01)
    • Campus School Yearbook 

      Unknown author (1967-01-01)
      The second of three known yearbooks for the campus school.
    • Campus School Yearbook 

      Unknown author (1968-01-01)
      The third and last of the known campus school yearbooks.
    • Our Incredible Experimental School 

      Bennett, Steven L. (2011-01-01)
      A set of oral history interviews conducted by Steven Bennett at the Campus School Reunion, summer 2011. The interviews cover the 1930s to the last years of the campus school, various teachers, the learning experience and ...