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    • Crazy Cards by Jane 

      Oakley, Cherise M. (2017-04-29)
    • William Shakespeare’s The Tempest: Caliban is a Black African 

      ALSHHRE, ALI. (2017-04-29)
      Caliban’s character in The Tempest is very complex. Though his race is not mentioned by Shakespeare in The Tempest, many writers and critics try to investigate and know what his race is in the play. For example, Caliban ...
    • The Truth of the Angel in the House 

      McMahon, Caitlin (2017-04-29)
      The nineteenth century in the United States was a time that saw a resurgence of beliefs that would keep the modern family together. The Angel in the House is a phrase that is used to describe the type of woman that was ...
    • The Power of Sound An Exploration of Cooper’s Use of Language in The Last of the Mohicans 

      Keery, Alexandra (2017-04-29)
      This essay examines the use of both language and paralanguage within Last of the Mohicans. Examples of paralanguage in the novel include: the Indian war-whoop, music, animal calls, and all other non-verbal aspects of speech. ...
    • Disability Theory in A Separate Peace 

      Mulvihill, Rachael (2017-04-29)
      In the article “Refusing the Queer Potential,” Eric L. Tribunella argues that “the rhetoric of ethics, values, and patriotism” in John Knowles’s A Separate Peace “‘appropriates’ gender and sexuality in adolescent males and ...
    • It's Not Real Because It's in an Organ They Cannot See. 

      Tirado, Stef (2017-04-29)
      This is a feminist poem that focuses on body issues, controlling behaviors and society's way of bending identities to fit stigmas. Told through the metaphors of Chinese foot binding and the body's way of processing sugars, ...
    • Breathe 

      Benson, Shawna (2017-04-29)
      The piece focuses on a relationship between a military family. It reminisces about the joys of life, while forshadowing the dangers and loss associated with military members and their families.
    • Fairy Godmother & The Tea Party 

      Walden, Lisah J. (2017-04-29)