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    • PaLRaP: Developing a Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal for Pennsylvania Librarians 

      Barnett, John H.; Reinsfelder, Tom (2014-03-28)
      In 2012, the College and Research Division of the Pennsylvania Library Association and the University Library System E-Journal Publishing Program of the University of Pittsburgh joined together to find a way to more ...
    • Creating an Open Access Journal from Startup to Launch 

      Maxwell, Pat (2014-03-28)
      Learn about best practices to follow when creating a journal from the managing editor of Dissenting Voices, a student engineered eJournal collaboratively designed, authored, and published by undergraduate Women and Gender ...
    • Imprint-ing Design: Creating and Maintaining an Open-Access Journal 

      Nissly, Elizabeth J.; Buckner, Warren Micah (2014-03-28)
      This presentation will address the availability of Open Journal Systems as a means for creating a graduate studies journal in order to encourage communication across academic specializations. Using Western Carolina ...
    • Registration 

      Attendees, All (2014-03-28)
      Registration. Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.
    • Create a Journal Workshop (Nuts and Bolts) 

      Beatty, Joshua; Hockenberry, Benjamin; Myers, Kim (2014-03-28)
      "Nuts and Bolts" workshop session detailing the creation of a journal from start to finish.
    • Predatory Publishers: Five Questions 

      Guglielmo, Dominick (2014-03-28)
      The purpose of this poster is to raise awareness of recent college graduates of predatory practices of certain publishers.
    • Panel Discussion: How do tenure committees assess OA publishing? 

      Spiller, James; Cook, Laurie; Cordeiro, James J.; Rinchard, Jacques; Schneider, Robert C.; Yeung, Ryan (2014-03-28)
      Panel discussion facilitated by Dr. James Spiller, Assistant Provost, The College at Brockport
    • Panel Discussion: Benefits of Open Access journals 

      Barnes, Gordon; Easterly, Joe; LeSavoy, Barbara; Neuhaus, Jessamyn; Tyler, David (2014-03-28)
    • Welcoming Remarks 

      Price, Christopher; Myers, Kim (2014-03-28)
      Welcoming Remarks from Christopher Price, Director of Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching at The College at Brockport. Kim Myers to follow with short list of housekeeping issues.
    • Wrap-Up, Evaluation, and Closing Remarks 

      Attendees, All (2014-03-28)
      Wrap-up activity and evaluation. Closing remarks to follow.
    • Break 

      Attendees, All (2014-03-28)
      Break. Coffee and light refreshments will be served. All attendees given an additional opportunity to review the Poster Session.
    • Poster Session 

      Attendees, All (2014-03-28)
      Poster Session in room adjacent to the Eagle's Lookout.
    • Lunch 

      Attendees, All (2014-03-28)
      Lunch included with conference registration.
    • Discover New Ways to Publish and Promote YOUR scholarly works 

      Kegler, Jennifer Little (2014-03-28)
      This poster will provide ideas for ways in which faculty can write and publish peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and book reviews, based on the author’s experiences. Many faculty have research and projects on which ...
    • Finding IR collaborators on your campus 

      Exline, Eleta (2014-03-28)
      While the success of an institutional repository depends in part on engaging faculty and encouraging their participation, it can be difficult to capture the attention and imagination of this audience directly because their ...
    • Keynote 

      Billings, Marilyn (2014-03-28)
    • A Survey of STEM Faculty at Cornell and Syracuse Universities Regarding Author Fees for Open Access Journals 

      Cusker, Jeremy (2014-03-28)
      Engineering librarians at Cornell University and Syracuse University surveyed faculty in math, physical sciences and engineering fields to determine their experience with and opinion of paying author fees in order to publish ...
    • Growing the Readership of Brockport's Online Journals 

      Toth, Gregory; Myers, Kim (2014-03-28)
    • Introducing Students To Open Access Through Opportunities for Involvement 

      Collins, Jennifer (2014-03-28)
      The Open Access movement continues to gain momentum in academia with clear benefits for libraries, professors and students. Students are in a position to reap unique benefits from the Open Access movement and student ...
    • Developing an undergraduate literary journal 

      Easterly, Joe (2014-03-28)
      Gandy Dancer is a SUNY-wide literary journal which was launched in the Fall of 2012 at SUNY Geneseo. With a new issue every semester, students in a 400-level creative writing course serve as editors, reviewing roughly 100 ...