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  • A click away, night or day! 

    Shantaram, Chandrika (2008-04-18)
    This poster session will focus on the presenter's experience establishing access to library resources and services via Blackboard: library embedded in the virtual classroom. The relevant documents reside in the content ...
  • Moodle Your Way to Better Training and Service: CMS in a Public Services Environment 

    Wright, Julie; Gillie, Esther (2008-04-18)
    Roberts Wesleyan College opened a new library facility in August 2007. Along with a fabulous new structure came increases in activity, changes in organizational structure and job responsibilities, and a new environment. ...
  • Learning Information Literacy for Everyone: Populating the Learning Object Repository 

    Nichols, James (2008-04-18)
    At SUNY Oswego we have come to view the classroom as one learning environment, and the library as another. Both environments have moved online in substantial ways, giving us opportunities to remove the barriers between the ...
  • Library Orientation with Accountability: Using WebCT Quizzing for a Library Tour Program for Freshmen 

    Burhanna, Kenneth; Thomas, Christopher (2008-04-18)
    This poster will highlight a recent project to provide an online option for library tours at Kent State University. Librarians created a self-paced, online library tour using Adobe Captivate, a Flash-authoring tool, and ...
  • Embedded Librarians in Distance Learning 

    Jeremiah, Jacob (2008-04-18)
    In response to the growing needs of distance learning students and faculty at Roosevelt University, the Library created an embedded librarian program and tested it in several classes beginning in Spring 2007. Distance ...
  • Using WebCT for Teaching and Building Information Literacy Skills 

    Florea, Mona (2008-04-18)
    This presentation will demonstrate the possibilities that learning management systems, such as WebCT, Campus and Vista editions offer for progressively teaching and building strong information literacy skills for online ...
  • Is That for Here or To Go?: A 24/7 Library Skills Tutorial 

    DeJesus, Charlotte (2008-04-18)
    In the fall semester of 2007, Hudson Valley Community College launched the course “How to Use the Library”, a tutorial that includes information literacy and research skills, on every student’s Blackboard account. The ...
  • First Steps: Minimal Integration for Maximum Effect 

    Rath, Logan T. (2008-04-18)
    This poster session will describe the steps the Milne Library at SUNY Oneonta has taken to integrate itself into ANGEL using just one "nugget." Additional applications of this "nugget" will also be covered.
  • Assessment Can Be Easy Via Blackboard 

    Hillyer, Nora; Maring, Marvel (2008-04-18)
    The UNO campus recently initiated an electronic portfolio system called myMAPP, to capture data to measure programmatic and individual faculty, staff, and student achievement. Developing an online version of the assessment ...
  • The Librarian's Corner and Other Embedded Library Resources in the CMS 

    Mestre, Lori (2008-04-18)
    What began as librarians working to embed library resources into Web CT has evolved into a partnership with The Educational Technology department to help train librarians and faculty to go beyond simply providing library ...
  • CU Library-2-Bb 

    Cosgrave, Tony; Tokman, Marina; Koennecke, Jesse (2008-04-18)
    Cornell University Library and Cornell Information Technologies have completed two phases of integrating Library resources and services into Blackboard. In phase I we added links to the Library Gateway and the “Ask a ...
  • Custom Library Services and Resources within ANGEL Courses 

    Shostack, Pauline Lynch (2008-04-18)
    Onondaga Community College’s Coulter Library, in partnership with the Online Learning Office, created a customized library tab and specialized nursing nugget for ANGEL courses during the spring 2007 semester. The library ...
  • 1300+ Students Must Complete Our Interactive Library Tutorial (WebCT) 

    Bodnar, Marilyn G.; Young, Joshua D. (2008-04-18)
    Three departments collaborated to conceptualize, design and implement an interactive library tutorial using Macromedia Flash, housed in WebCT for security purposes. In fall 2007, each of the 1300+ freshmen English Composition ...
  • From WebCT to Moodle: Online Information Literacy Instruction at Oakland University 

    Kraemer, Elizabeth W. (2008-04-18)
    Using WebCT, Kresge Library (KL) at Oakland University (OU) first developed an online module to augment the faceto- face instruction conducted with each section of OU’s basic writing class, Rhetoric 160 (RHT 160). As OU ...
  • Library Research Tutorials and Course Reserves Online: Right at Home in ANGEL Learning Object Repositories 

    Forrest, Lisa; Pereira, Meghan (2008-04-18)
    Buffalo State College is a forerunner in utilizing features of the ANGEL course management system to enhance teaching and learning. The system allows for easy sharing of resources, such as tutorials and course reserve ...
  • Conference Proceedings 

    Kegler, Jennifer Little (2008-04-18)
    On April 18, 2008 the College at Brockport's librarians and IT staff stirred up a successful one-day conference: "Integrating Library Services into Learning Management Systems." “Library-2-LMS” (its shortened title) was a ...
  • Summaries of the Library-2-LMS Conference Keynote Address and Presentations 

    Moderators, The (2008-04-18)
    Synopsis of the keynote address and various sessions by the moderators.
  • MIA no more: English 101 Distance Learning students at Genesee Community College 

    Lerczak, Nicki (2008-04-18)
    The Alfred C. O’Connell Library gives approximately 240 instructional sessions per year. Approximately 40% of sessions are given to English classes, primarily English 101. Instructional sessions are held in the library’s ...
  • Managing Circulation Services in Academic Libraries using a Course Management System - (Moodle) 

    Johnson, Sandra (2008-04-18)
    At the Golisano Library the Course Management System (Moodle) is very beneficial in managing the circulation services department. The library began using Moodle in August 2007. The library uses Moodle to support the following ...
  • Seneca Libraries & Blackboard: Our Experiences to Date 

    Peters-Lise, Jennifer; Foo, Janet (2008-04-18)
    This session will demonstrate the initiatives Seneca Libraries has been working on for the Blackboard environment. Initiatives include: e-reserves, a research tab, tutorials, quizzes, packages, and repositories. Some ...

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