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    • Creating Diverse Communities: Religion and Power 

      Castania, Kathy (2012-09-20)
      This workshop provides an overview of frameworks that serves as a tool for understanding the dynamics of diversity, interpreting how these dynamics impact the community and lays the foundation for growth and change. Spirituality ...
    • Cultural Competence Requires Cultural Intelligence – CQ for Your Life and Career (Panel discussion) 

      Schuhle-Williams, Karen; Ahmed, Mara; Elsenheimer, Victoria; He, Lerong; O’Toole, Shauna Marie (2015-10-08)
      We hear volumes about the importance of being culturally competent in response to ever-increasing diversity in the workplace and our communities, but little on how to achieve such competence. Hear and contemplate the ...
    • Learning the Food System: Experience and Empowerment 

      Guptill, Amy; Ciliotta-Rubery, Andrea (2015-10-08)
      Professors Amy Guptill, PhD, and Andrea Ciliotta-Rubery, PhD, together with students, will reflect on their experiences with a 2015 summer field course entitled The Food System: Community and Politics. Students from the ...
    • “The Laramie Project” — A Staged Reading 

      Childs, Ruth; Bloom, Davida (2014-10-02)
      Davida Bloom and Ruth Childs will direct this staged reading of “The Laramie Project”, with an ensemble of students and faculty performing multiple roles. The presenters want to use this story to introduce or re-introduce ...
    • College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Residence Halls: Respecting Difference, Embracing Diversity, and Building Community 

      Zhang, Jie; Feller, Rebekah (2014-10-02)
      Few studies reported the concerns and challenges of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) at the college level, and there is no existing study on the peers’ perspectives so far. Transitioning from high school into ...
    • Pink Transgressions: Black Girl and the Intra-feminist Politics of Place 

      Nicholson, Lucienne; LeSavoy, Barbara (2014-10-02)
      Through film screening/talkback, this session addresses the phrase “Pink Transgressions”, as any oppression of one woman over another, with a particular focus on domestics, examining the impact of race/class/ gender and ...
    • Embracing LGBTQ Audiences in Corporate Communication: A Media Literacy Discussion 

      Walden, Justin; Prutsman, Amy (2014-10-02)
      Inclusivity has been an increasingly important aspect of marketing and public relations in recent years, especially when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Including this group as a potential target for business communications ...
    • Developmental Disabilities: Labels and Beyond 

      Desrochers, Marcie N.; Giralico-Pearlman, Ann (2014-10-02)
      The presenters will delve into the nuances of labels given to individuals with developmental disABILITIES such as intellectual disabilities and autism. In this workshop participants will be exposed to research, stories, ...
    • Being Respectful to Gender Variant Identities 

      Light, Lucky Summer (2014-10-02)
      Human existence is a wonderful aspect of life. There are multiple stories within the world that are still unknown. Identities come from a person’s history, culture, race, ethnic/cultural background. This workshop will bring ...
    • Jagadamba 

      Maitra, Yashodhara (2014-10-02)
    • Respecting Differences: Religion (Panel Discussion) 

      Benicasco, John; Snarr, Jeffrey; Van Etten, Margot; Sapowith, Rabbi Amy (2014-10-02)
      Religious (or non-religious) beliefs can be a crucial part of one’s identify and, as a result, can be the cause of various forms of conflict. Conversations around respecting various religious (or non-religious) beliefs are ...
    • Shoulders to Stand On 

      Bailey, Evelyn (2014-10-01)
      Shoulders to Stand On , a full length documentary film, captures the stories, struggles and achievements of our gay pioneers, highlights many events that put Rochester, NY in the local and national spotlight, and celebrates ...
    • Honoring Our Proximity and the Spaces Between us Through Mindful Service 

      Ferraioli, Gail (2012-09-20)
      This presentation will highlight at least four things: a touch of information about brain chemistry to illustrate the mind-body connection; to speak of that connection in the spiritual sense; to show how the integration ...
    • LGBT Legal Rights 

      Sáenz, Julia (2014-10-02)
      Attorney Julia Sáenz runs the LGBT Rights Project at Empire Justice Center, a public interest law firm in downtown Rochester. This project provides free legal services to low-income LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) ...
    • Registration 

      Unknown author (2014-10-02)
    • Multicultural Food Tasting 

      Unknown author (2014-10-02)
    • Cultural Showcase 

      Unknown author (2014-10-02)
    • Keynote Address 

      Davis, Wade (2014-10-02)
      Wade Davis, advocate, writer, speaker, educator and former NFL/NFL Europe player
    • Bigger than Me… A Beautiful Exchange 

      Hopkins, Daniel (2014-10-02)
      This workshop will be the catalyst for Pose 2’s upcoming book, “Bigger Than Me.” During this workshop students will take responsibility for gathering poetic interviews and photographs, creating stories of incidents and ...
    • Welcome, VIP Greeting 

      Unknown author (2014-10-02)
      Presentation of Diversity Engagement Awards Douglas Feldman LGBTQ Paper Award Joel Frater, EdD, Assistant Provost for Diversity William Mitchell, President, Brockport Student Government John R. Halstead, PhD, President