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    • From Marginalization to Empowerment: Factors that Promote Psychological Growth in Individuals with Stigmatized Identities 

      Ratcliff, Jennifer; Bonafede, Erin; Tombari, Jamie M. (10/8/2015)
      Much research has examined the negative consequences of trauma, but a growing body of research has examined posttraumatic growth (PTG), or positive psychological changes, that may occur as a result of trauma. This session ...
    • Clarity, Movement, and Citizenship: A Reading of Mari Evans’ Poetic Activism 

      Tait, Althea (10/8/2015)
      In the last year, Americans have reconsidered the concept of citizenship in the public forum in response to the political unrest regarding racial oppression burning through our nation. In particular, the discourse has ...
    • Exploring the Epidemic of Homelessness in Higher Education 

      Aponte, Carmen; Snyder, Tricia (10/8/2015)
      This session will discuss the topic of students experiencing homelessness. This topic has received limited attention despite these hard economic times that include rising tuition rates, requirements for higher degrees to ...
    • Living Diversity 

      Bergfalk, Joy (10/8/2015)
      This workshop will feature women from the Coffee Connection telling their stories of personal empowerment and how they are learning to live together in a diverse workplace, not just talking about diversity but living it. ...
    • Keynote Address 

      Murray, Liz (10/8/2015)
      Advocate, Writer, Speaker, and Educator Liz Murray speaks on her incredible journey from homeless to Harvard in this keynote address.
    • Study Abroad Showcase 

      Unknown author (10/8/2015)
      Representative from Brockport and other SUNYs will be available to answer your questions about Study Abroad programs.
    • Welcome, VIP Greeting 

      Prather, Faith; Feldman, Douglas; Flynn, Sean; Macpherson, Heidi (10/8/2015)
    • Registration 

      Unknown author (10/8/2015)
    • Multicultural Food Tasting 

      Unknown author (10/8/2015)
    • Overcoming Adversity: Personal Stories of Empowerment 

      Murray, Liz (10/8/2015)
      In this session, panelists will tell their stories of personal empowerment. They will discuss the role of mentors and the community in helping to overcome obstacles and what we can do to help others overcome personal hardship.
    • Religion and Diversity: An Anthropological Perspective 

      Keating, Neal B. (9/20/2012)
      Religion (however difficult it may be to define) is obviously an important social force in the 21st century, but the academic study of religion continues to be relatively absent from mainstream American college campuses, ...
    • Adiposity and Anarchism: Exposing and Examining Fat Oppression in a Capitalist Society 

      Richens, Sarah Mae; LeSavoy, Barbara; Richens, Sarah Mae (10/8/2015)
      This presentation looks at the ways in which fat oppression is linked to capitalism. This research exposes oppression and discrimination stemming from adiposity (fatness) through an anarchist and queer theory perspective. ...
    • Restoring the Power 

      Johnson, Lorrie (10/8/2015)
      This session will address the various systems that have contributed to our local homeless population, raise awareness regarding the homeless community in Rochester through the lens of the homeless, as well as summarize the ...
    • Diversity and Inclusion in Action 

      Howard, Maurice (10/8/2015)
      This session will break down the differences between diversity and inclusion, permitting participants to walk away with an understanding of these differences, how the concept fits into corporate cultures, how to foster an ...
    • The Library: First Stop for Personal Empowerment 

      O'Sullivan, Pamela (10/8/2015)
      While many view the library primarily as a place to borrow books, such buildings have historically been at the forefront of personal empowerment. Libraries have acted as equalizers in times of great economic and educational ...
    • Empowering University Career Centers to be Culturally Sensitive 

      Alston, Jeffrey L. (10/8/2015)
      Studies show that in the next 30 to 40 years ethnic minorities will be the dominant culture in the United States. With this, ethnic minority student population at colleges and universities will increase. Research suggest ...
    • Building and Nurturing African American Communities 

      Dewberry, Christal (10/8/2015)
      This session will explore and explain why community organizations such as Pathways to Peace are important in the lives of African American youth, and how such organizations impact their communities. Attendees will gain an ...
    • Camp Abilities After 20 years: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going 

      Lieberman, Lauren J.; Linsenbigler, Kelsey; Stribing, Alexandra (10/8/2015)
      Camp Abilities is a developmental sports camp for children with visual impairments. It began at The College at Brockport in 1996 and runs for one week each summer. The purposes are: to empower children with VI to be involved ...
    • The ism’s of HIV/AIDS 

      Johnson, Lorrie (10/8/2015)
      This session will discuss HIV/AIDS, the third decade, and what HIV/AIDs means today. Lorrie Johnson will examine the layers of stigma that suffocate those living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), including LGBTQ, addictions, mental ...
    • From Tragedy to Triumph 

      Johnson, Dre (10/8/2015)
      This presentation will unfold the multifaceted issues faced in America by dissecting the life of a Rochester native and Brockport alumnus, Dre Johnson. Johnson’s personal story of homelessness and poverty will shed light ...