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    • Shoulders to Stand On 

      Bailey, Evelyn (10/1/2014)
      Shoulders to Stand On , a full length documentary film, captures the stories, struggles and achievements of our gay pioneers, highlights many events that put Rochester, NY in the local and national spotlight, and celebrates ...
    • LGBT Legal Rights 

      Sáenz, Julia (10/2/2014)
      Attorney Julia Sáenz runs the LGBT Rights Project at Empire Justice Center, a public interest law firm in downtown Rochester. This project provides free legal services to low-income LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) ...
    • Embracing LGBTQ Audiences in Corporate Communication: A Media Literacy Discussion 

      Walden, Justin; Prutsman, Amy (10/2/2014)
      Inclusivity has been an increasingly important aspect of marketing and public relations in recent years, especially when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Including this group as a potential target for business communications ...
    • College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Residence Halls: Respecting Difference, Embracing Diversity, and Building Community 

      Zhang, Jie; Feller, Rebekah (10/2/2014)
      Few studies reported the concerns and challenges of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) at the college level, and there is no existing study on the peers’ perspectives so far. Transitioning from high school into ...
    • Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better: Maintaining Inclusion Through Disability Awareness 

      James, Jessica (10/2/2014)
      Individuals who live with disabilities or developmental delays are usually perceived and labeled negatively by the media. Examples of negative labels include “wheelchair bound,” “retarded,” “handicapped,” and “crippled”. ...
    • Partnering to Provide Comprehensive Care for LGBTQ-Identified Students 

      Van Lare, Cheryl; Maier, Lynne (10/2/2014)
      Join staff from the Hazen Center for Integrated Care at The College at Brockport and community partner Trillium Health in discussing access to services and serving members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and ...
    • Awareness of Visual Impairments 

      Britt, Kylie (10/2/2014)
      A person with a visual impairment has the same cognitive ability as an individual without a disability, although they may need adaptations in their environment to achieve the same goals as a person without any impairment. ...
    • Developmental Disabilities: Labels and Beyond 

      Desrochers, Marcie N.; Giralico-Pearlman, Ann (10/2/2014)
      The presenters will delve into the nuances of labels given to individuals with developmental disABILITIES such as intellectual disabilities and autism. In this workshop participants will be exposed to research, stories, ...
    • Jagadamba 

      Maitra, Yashodhara (10/2/2014)
    • “The Muslims I Know” (Film Screening and Discussion) 

      Ahmed, Mara (10/2/2014)
      The need to identify “militant jihadists” by distinguishing them from moderate Muslims has cast suspicion on all Muslims in America. Stereotypes are becoming well entrenched. The purpose of the documentary, “The Muslims I ...
    • Keynote Address 

      Davis, Wade (10/2/2014)
      Wade Davis, advocate, writer, speaker, educator and former NFL/NFL Europe player
    • Journey to Wholeness: Voices of Women LIVING With Disability 

      Snell, Linda; Lieberman, Lauren J.; Cruz, Luz M. (10/2/2014)
      The presenters asked 13 women living with a variety of disabilities to write about their experiences. A number of themes emerged from the examination of the women’s stories. Perhaps the most unexpected theme was that many ...
    • “The Laramie Project” — A Staged Reading 

      Childs, Ruth; Bloom, Davida (10/2/2014)
      Davida Bloom and Ruth Childs will direct this staged reading of “The Laramie Project”, with an ensemble of students and faculty performing multiple roles. The presenters want to use this story to introduce or re-introduce ...
    • Multicultural Food Tasting 

      Unknown author (10/2/2014)
    • Respecting LGBTQ Needs on Campus, In the Community and Globally (Panel Discussion) 

      Davis, Wade; Bailey, Evelyn; Scheidt, Doug; Light, Lucky Summer (10/2/2014)
      This panel discussion, featuring Keynote speaker Wade Davis, activist and filmmaker Evelyn Bailey, student activist Lucky Summer Light, and Dean of the School of Education and Human Services Doug Scheidt, will address a ...
    • Studying “Other” Cultures: Teaching the Middle East in a World Literature Class 

      Türkkan, Sevinç (10/2/2014)
      This session will explore the ethical dimensions of teaching the Middle East in a literature class to undergraduate students in the US. The speaker, Sevinç Türkkan, will draw on the experience of having taught a course on ...
    • Welcome, VIP Greeting 

      Unknown author (10/2/2014)
      Presentation of Diversity Engagement Awards Douglas Feldman LGBTQ Paper Award Joel Frater, EdD, Assistant Provost for Diversity William Mitchell, President, Brockport Student Government John R. Halstead, PhD, President
    • Bigger than Me… A Beautiful Exchange 

      Hopkins, Daniel (10/2/2014)
      This workshop will be the catalyst for Pose 2’s upcoming book, “Bigger Than Me.” During this workshop students will take responsibility for gathering poetic interviews and photographs, creating stories of incidents and ...
    • Being Respectful to Gender Variant Identities 

      Light, Lucky Summer (10/2/2014)
      Human existence is a wonderful aspect of life. There are multiple stories within the world that are still unknown. Identities come from a person’s history, culture, race, ethnic/cultural background. This workshop will bring ...
    • Registration 

      Unknown author (10/2/2014)