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    • The Bible and Politics 

      Busch, Austin; Conti, Brooke A. (2012-09-20)
      This session will involve reading sample biblical texts and discussing how people who view The Bible as authoritative may translate them into political positions. The format will be guided group discussion. The texts sampled ...
    • Religion and Diversity: An Anthropological Perspective 

      Keating, Neal B. (2012-09-20)
      Religion (however difficult it may be to define) is obviously an important social force in the 21st century, but the academic study of religion continues to be relatively absent from mainstream American college campuses, ...
    • Creating Diverse Communities: Religion and Power 

      Castania, Kathy (2012-09-20)
      This workshop provides an overview of frameworks that serves as a tool for understanding the dynamics of diversity, interpreting how these dynamics impact the community and lays the foundation for growth and change. Spirituality ...
    • Freedom of Religion and Indigenous Peoples 

      Keating, Neal B. (2012-09-20)
      This workshop builds upon the first workshop, and focuses on how the political guarantees of religious freedom have historically been denied to American Indians in the US and Canada, and how these denials continue to have ...
    • Cultural Showcase 

      Brockport, Presenters (2012-09-20)
      Cultural ShowcaseSeymour College Union, Main Lounge
    • “Pariah” (2007): Race, Gender, and Sexual Identity 

      LeSavoy, Barbara (2012-09-20)
      This presentation will consider sexual identity as a space written on by self, family, culture, religion, and sate, and also examine ways heteronormative and conservative ideologies complicate and compromise LGBTQ identities. ...
    • Where do You Stand: Critical Conversations about Religion in Schools 

      Kelly, Sara; Newby, Jessica (2012-09-20)
      Separation of church and state within the public school system has always been a "hot button" issue. The United States of America prides itself on being a melting pot of a plethora of different cultures and religions but ...
    • Welcome and VIP Greeting 

      Frater, Joel; Wheeler, Samantha; Halstead, John (2012-09-20)
      Welcome and VIP Greeting
    • Same-Sex Marriage and Spirituality: Our Area's Rich History and Resources 

      Gillespie, Jan (2012-09-20)
      New York became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage with the affirmative vote by the state senate on June 24, 2011. However, grass roots efforts to pass such a law began many years earlier. In fact, it could be ...
    • Emma Lazarus: Voice of Liberty 

      O'Sullivan, Pam; Prince, Wendy S. (2012-09-20)
      Emma Lazarus is best remembered for her poem, "The New Colossus." However, in a recent touring exhibit the visited Drake Memorial Library, her fascinating life and experiences as a Jewish immigrant highlight the late 19th ...
    • Religion in the Workplace 101 

      Smiley, Leah (2012-09-20)
      Some employers are very cautious when it comes to religion in the workplace. Not only do they want to avoid the appearance of mixing faith with business, but they also want to preempt lawsuits. Lawsuits should be prevented ...
    • Multicultural Food Tasting 

      Brockport, Organizers (2012-09-20)
      Multicultural Food TastingSeymour College Union, Ballroom
    • Book Signing 

      Brockport, Presenters (2012-09-20)
      Book SigningSeymour College Union, Lobby
    • Restoring Dignity 

      Jamieson, Allan (2012-09-20)
      Federal policies have had a devastating effect on Native American families. One of the policies scooped Native American children from their homes and sent them to residential or boarding schools, which led to generations ...
    • Degrees of Separation 

      Iftikar, Arsalan; Callan, James (2012-09-20)
      Keynote Speaker Arsalan Iftikar will join local religious and political leaders to discuss a variety of perspectives on the intersection of politics and religion. The conversation will focus on how social and political ...
    • Honoring Our Proximity and the Spaces Between us Through Mindful Service 

      Ferraioli, Gail (2012-09-20)
      This presentation will highlight at least four things: a touch of information about brain chemistry to illustrate the mind-body connection; to speak of that connection in the spiritual sense; to show how the integration ...
    • Coexistence: Learning about each other from each other; an Interactive Seminar and Discussion 

      DeJesús-Rueff, Richard (2012-09-20)
      Through thought provoking exercises and activities, this session empowers students to overcome fears based on stereotypes and misperceptions by listening to and learning from others. In life, we will come face to face with ...
    • Concurrent Sessions PM 1 

      Brockport, Presenters (2012-09-20)
      Concurrent Session PM 1 Coexistence: Learning about each other from each other; an Interactive Seminar and Discussion Creating Diverse Communities: Religion and Power Emma Lazarus: Voice of Liberty Honoring Our Proximity ...
    • A Multiethnic Panel Discusses Christianity on Campus 

      Pelttari, Carole; Zhang, Jie (2012-09-20)
      Community through diversity incorporates all voices of the community. In our efforts to diversify, voices perceived as traditional are often silenced. Such silencing gives rise to misconceptions and stereotypes about what ...