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    • Respecting LGBTQ Needs on Campus, In the Community and Globally (Panel Discussion) 

      Davis, Wade; Bailey, Evelyn; Scheidt, Doug; Light, Lucky Summer (2014-10-02)
      This panel discussion, featuring Keynote speaker Wade Davis, activist and filmmaker Evelyn Bailey, student activist Lucky Summer Light, and Dean of the School of Education and Human Services Doug Scheidt, will address a ...
    • Restoring Dignity 

      Jamieson, Allan (2012-09-20)
      Federal policies have had a devastating effect on Native American families. One of the policies scooped Native American children from their homes and sent them to residential or boarding schools, which led to generations ...
    • Restoring the Power 

      Johnson, Lorrie (2015-10-08)
      This session will address the various systems that have contributed to our local homeless population, raise awareness regarding the homeless community in Rochester through the lens of the homeless, as well as summarize the ...
    • Rising from the Ashes: A Personal Struggle 

      Hartnett, Dale; McCuller, James (2015-10-08)
      James McCuller, Jr., the eldest son of Rochester civil rights leader and community organizer James McCuller, was raised in a family where standing up for belief in people and belief in God were of the highest value. Yet ...
    • SafeZone Workshop 

      Unknown author (2016-10-06)
    • Same-Sex Marriage and Spirituality: Our Area's Rich History and Resources 

      Gillespie, Jan (2012-09-20)
      New York became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage with the affirmative vote by the state senate on June 24, 2011. However, grass roots efforts to pass such a law began many years earlier. In fact, it could be ...
    • Select Respect: Sexual Violence Prevention Through a Social Justice Lens 

      Powalski, Caitlin (2014-10-02)
      Relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking are public health and social justice concerns that impact all persons, independent of age, gender, race, socio-economic class or sexual orientation. The Center for Select ...
    • Service and Advocacy (Panel) 

      Miller, Sister Grace; Boyd, Michelle; Bergfalk, Joy (2017-10-05)
      Not-for-profit professionals speak about their positive service and advocacy work with diverse and underrepresented individuals and communities.
    • Shoulders to Stand On 

      Bailey, Evelyn (2014-10-01)
      Shoulders to Stand On , a full length documentary film, captures the stories, struggles and achievements of our gay pioneers, highlights many events that put Rochester, NY in the local and national spotlight, and celebrates ...
    • Showcasing Gope Boards from New Guinea 

      Unknown author (2016-10-05)
      Twenty hand-carved wooden gope boards from Papua, New Guinea are on display in Drake Memorial Library this fall. The gope boards showcase an array of artistry and provide a glimpse into New Guinea’s history and culture. ...
    • Study Abroad Showcase 

      Unknown author (2015-10-08)
      Representative from Brockport and other SUNYs will be available to answer your questions about Study Abroad programs.
    • Studying “Other” Cultures: Teaching the Middle East in a World Literature Class 

      Türkkan, Sevinç (2014-10-02)
      This session will explore the ethical dimensions of teaching the Middle East in a literature class to undergraduate students in the US. The speaker, Sevinç Türkkan, will draw on the experience of having taught a course on ...
    • Synnestvedt Lecture: “One Million Abolitionists” 

      Benz, Robert J.; Morris, Kenneth B. (2017-10-05)
      This talk highlights the history and legacy of the antebellum-era antislavery fight as well as the current fight against human trafficking and is part of a Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives to honor Frederick Douglass’s ...
    • Terrorism and Ideological Offending in the US 

      Ahmed, Tibian (2013-09-19)
      Abstract: Throughout her childhood, Tibian Ahmed has faced prejudice because of her religion. In this inspirational documentary, Tibian shares with us how this has affected her world view and how she's working to change ...
    • The Bible and Politics 

      Busch, Austin; Conti, Brooke A. (2012-09-20)
      This session will involve reading sample biblical texts and discussing how people who view The Bible as authoritative may translate them into political positions. The format will be guided group discussion. The texts sampled ...
    • The Compositions of Integration and Diversity 

      Jeffries, Tracey (2016-10-06)
      This presentation reveals how social and cultural differences in society affects community growth looking at the underlying picture of how integration and diversity builds strong communities and what community programs ...
    • The Contemplative in Today’s World 

      Berlove, Nancy (2012-09-20)
      The mind is a busy place. How can one be in the world and at the same time, find contact with the quieted mind, contemplate our current condition? Why is it important? Perhaps one fundamental problem in the world is that ...
    • The Diversity Melting Pot of Marriage Equality in New York 

      Bailey, Evelyn; Carter, Ralph; Sapper, Dan (2014-10-02)
      Rochester, NY has always been at the forefront of social change and justice. Upstate New York has been a strong voice in the abolitionist movement, the civil rights movement, and the women’s liberation movement. This ...
    • The Dynamics of Culture, Faith and Family among Hispanics 

      Saenz, Lynette (2012-09-20)
      The United States is currently one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries in the world. According to the Pew Research Center, the Hispanic population in the US will triple by 2050 becoming the largest Spanish-speaking ...
    • The Inclusivity Project 

      Kelly, Sara; Bulos, Daniela; Jacobo, Nayeri; Accordino, Kayla (2013-09-19)
      Abstract: The Inclusivity Project’s mission is to give students a voice about their campus experience. In particular, it focuses on: student support services, employment, health care, residential experience, education, and ...