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    • Conclusion & Wrap-Up Discussion 

      Porciello, Jaron (2016-09-30)
    • Impact & Assessment 

      Buckland, Amy; Porciello, Jaron (2016-09-30)
      In this session, we will discuss the increasing important role of impact and assessment, and how it affects everything from funding decisions, to the kind of services we offer, to what displays and exhibits we put on. We ...
    • Introductory Exercise & Icebreaker 

      Buckland, Amy; Porciello, Jaron (2016-09-30)
    • Library Based Publishing and Open Educational Resources (OERs) 

      Buckland, Amy; Porciello, Jaron (2016-09-30)
      Library Based Publishing This part of the session will discuss why some libraries have chosen to enter the publishing realm, describe different models of library-based publishing, and provide examples, including the ...
    • Outreach & Programming 

      Buckland, Amy; Porciello, Jaron (2016-09-30)
      In this interactive session, we will talk about enriching opportunities for outreach and programming by understanding who your audience is, looking at aligning with other programming on campus, and designing a sample “pitch” ...
    • Registration 

      Unknown author (2016-09-30)
    • Understanding Scholarly Communication: Framing the Issues 

      Buckland, Amy; Porciello, Jaron (2016-09-30)
      This session will discuss the four pillars and the various actors in the scholarly communication system, identify current and historical disruptions in the research cycle, and help you to begin to visualize your role(s) ...
    • Welcome, VIP Greeting 

      Macpherson, Heidi R. (2016-09-30)
      Welcoming remarks by The College at Brockport President Heidi R. Macpherson, and housekeeping details.