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    • American Literature 2 

      Dickinson, Joshua (Lumen Learning, 2017-10)
      American Literature 2 is a standard post-Civil-War anthology. Heavily adapted from the Lumen course shell original, the book emphasizes well-integrated literary analysis writing and has several chapters focused on MLA and ...
    • Technical Writing Strategies 

      Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2017-10)
      Strategies in Technical Writing is an Open Education Resource text designed for community-college-level students being introduced to technical writing conventions. The text focuses on the main genres involved in professional ...
    • American Literature I 

      Dickinson, Joshua (Lumen Learning, 2018)
      American Literature I combines a textbook covering literary analysis and literary critical theory, basic research methods in the humanities, and a chronological reader of diverse selections in American Literature. The ...
    • World Literature 

      Joshua Dickinson (Lumen Learning, 2018)
      World Literature covers a range of world fiction and nonfiction readings, including coverage of trickster tales, origin myths, memoirs, novels, short stories, and poems. Focus is on Native American, Japanese, Chinese, and ...
    • Survey of Native American Literature 

      Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2018-04)
      This survey textbook overviews Native American literature from its origins in poems and creation myths of the continent's hundreds of Native cultures. Texts are organized with major sections on creation myths, fiction, ...
    • College Writing Handbook 

      Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2018-07)
      This PDF focuses on college-level writing, critical reading, and research challenges. This College Writing Handbook is a modified version of the Guide to Writing by Vallerie Mott and a writer listed as "Alexis." The ...
    • Studies in Mythology 

      Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2018-11)
      Studies in Mythology is an introductory text for a survey of myth course. It can be organized chronologically, geographically, or thematically. Included are sections from Frazier's study of myth, The Golden Bough, as ...
    • Readings in Children's Literature 

      Dickinson, Joshua (2019-12)
      Readings in Children's Literature includes essay material on children's literature, as well as tales, verse, folklore, and short stories.
    • Literary Voice 

      Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2019-12)
      Literary Voice overviews the conventions of short stories, poems, dramatic works, and novels. The text features several chapters on the writing process and is focused on getting students to experience literature. Sections ...
    • Guide to Creating Open Educational Resources: A Humanities Approach 

      Dickinson, Joshua (Lumen Learning, 2020-03)
      This Open Education Resource "goes meta" by being about itself. Taking a Humanities approach necessarily involves textual analysis, and so this is a short book of design tips from the point of view of this field of knowledge. ...
    • Arguing Through Writing 

      Dickinson, Joshua (Lumen Learning, 2020-04)
      Arguing Through Writing is heavily adapted from the Lumen Learning English Composition 2 book on the SUNY OER list of texts. The textbook focuses on the writing process, as well as rhetorical modes. Emphasis is on the ...
    • Space Mythos: Science Fiction 

      Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2020-06)
      Space Mythos is a science fiction reader and literature textbook. It overviews MLA citation, literary analysis, and academic writing moves. This Open Educational Resources text is designed to accompany other science fiction ...
    • Reading African American Literature 

      Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2020-12)
    • Practical Foundations and Principles for Teaching 

      Dickinson, Joshua; Billings, Carol (2021-04-18)
      This text is a basic principles of education blended with theories of learning and foundations of education materials. It is geared toward elementary education majors just starting their teaching journeys and is meant to ...