This collection features original OER created by SUNY Oneonta authors. To learn more about OER at Oneonta, please visit our OER guide and contact pages.

Recent Submissions

  • Civilización Hispanoamericana 

    Small, Elizabeth (SUNY Oneonta, 2020)
    Un recorrido por la historia y cultura de Hispanoamérica, diseñado para estudiantes de la lengua española a nivel intermedio.
  • ¡Chévere! Introductory Spanish I & II 

    Brown, Erica; Escudero, Alejandra; Montoya, María Cristina; Small, Elizabeth (SUNY Oneonta, 2021)
    ¡Chévere! Introductory Spanish I & II offer a comprehensive introductory Spanish sequence, providing guidance and practice in reading, writing, listening to, and speaking Spanish. Each module includes thematic vocabulary, ...
  • Foundations of Education 

    Amatullah, Tasneem; Avanzato, Rosemarie; Baxter, Julia; Gibbins, Thor; Graham, Lee; Fradkin-Hayslip, Ann; Siegrist, Ray; Swantak-Furman, Suzanne; Waid, Nicole (SUNY Oneonta, 2020-11)
  • Atlas of Comparative Anatomy 

    Roosa, Kristen; Swislosky, Elizabeth; Caffrey, Alexandra; Carson, Jessica; Chumpitazi, Christina; Conroy, Kristin; Epps, Jarred; Gray, Morgan; Jackson, Skylar; Machiarelli, Sisina; Murdock, Kelsey; Riddick, Britney; Ruhl, Jaclyn; Saugar, Daniel; Woodson, Destiny (2020-10)
    The Atlas of Comparative Anatomy began as a class project at SUNY Oneonta in 2017 because of the lack of a comprehensive freely-accessible photographic atlas. The majority of entries in this atlas were produced by students ...