What innovative projects would you like to ASC SUNY about? Welcome to our Academic Sharing Community: A SUNY Catalog of Educational Projects and Innovative Initiatives (ASC SUNY). In response to challenges faced by many in Higher Education, innovative solutions and projects flood the landscape. Across SUNY, there are countless pockets of innovation. Many projects evolved through IITG and other grants. Some are generated from Student Success programs. Others progressed through industry and professional partnerships and local economic needs. The accomplishments and lessons learned from these projects are hidden gems across the system and are rarely organized and shared in ways that can deliberately impact other campuses’ processes and offerings. So, let’s organize and share them! We are cataloging innovation in its many forms. Innovation may range from being ground breaking to a simple change that makes a difference on campus. All types of innovation are important and useful to recognize. Through our work on an IITG project we are developing a SUNY-wide, web-based interactive academic sharing community with a catalog of educational projects and innovative initiatives. If you have a project that you would like to share, please contact Ashley.Frank@esc.edu.

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  • Farmingdale State College: Nexus Center for Applied Learning & Career Development 

    Varghese, Rena (2019-06)
    Serving the entire student population of almost 10,000, as well as alumni, the Nexus Center for Applied Learning & Career Development (the “Nexus Center ”) integrates applied learning and career development initiatives of ...
  • Fashion Institute of Technology - Bamboo Canvas: Instructional Innovation for a Globalized Classroom 

    Pyun, Kyunghee (2019-05)
    The projects mission is to present an interactive platform of video links, podcasts, online lectures, or a database explaining artmaking techniques of Asian art and design for educational institutions and global audiences ...
  • Academic Sharing Community (ASC SUNY) 

    Travers, Nan; Forte, Michele; Schiefen, Kathleen; Pippin, Jill; Deer, Susan; Raposo, Lisa; Price, Chris; Frank, Ashley (2019-05)
    This project is a partnership effort across four diverse SUNY Campuses and the SUNY Center for Professional Development. Welcome to our Academic Sharing Community: A SUNY Catalog of Educational Projects and Innovative ...
  • SUNY Geneseo: Wildly Important Goal 

    Robertson, Stacey (2019-05)
    SUNY Geneseo's "Wildly Important Goal" is a campus-wide initiative to increase first-year, first-time retention from 86% to 88% by October 2019. The Institution formed a team to identify lead measures in order to reach ...
  • SUNY Canton: Instructional Technology to Stimulate, Enhance, and Attract Students in the Engineering Technology Field 

    Craig, Lucas (2019-05)
    A project-based engineering course will be developed and will use two primary teaching technologies to deliver engineering content to improve attraction and retention rates in Engineering Technology at SUNY Canton: a 3-D ...
  • SUNY Empire State College: First-Year Learning Community 

    Logsdon, Seana; Sherman, Brett (2019-05)
    This project is a one to two-term Learning Community for the target population of students entering the college with less than 30 successful transcript credits. While students may have the potential for PLA, that is not ...
  • SUNY Potsdam Law Enforcement Training Institute, Pre-Employment Police Academy 

    Duquette, Albert (Sonny) (2019-04)
    The SUNY Potsdam Law Enforcement Training Institute is a landmark applied learning initiative, designed to provide students with the opportunity to complete a rigorous pre-employment, state-approved police training course ...
  • College at Brockport: Academic Success Center 

    Chew, Thomas (2019-04)
    The Academic Success Center at the College of Brockport has brought together four student centered support and service offices under the same roof and same leadership. This project is unique as it represents both departments ...
  • College at Brockport: Completion Project 

    Daniel, Eileen (2019-04)
    The project seeks out students who stepped out prior to degree completion and encourages and facilitates their return. The project’s goals include the following: Support the return, degree completion among students who ...